Hololive maintains its dominance in the global earnings ranking for Super Chat

By the end of 2021, the platform will be monitored PLAYBOARD last updated (this year) historical ranking of global Super Chat earnings, revealing that it has eight members Hololive production among the top ten positions, in addition to Kuzuha ó Nijisanji and the Korean channel Garosero Research Institute (가로 세로 연구소).

Uruha Rushia ranks first on the list with 356,809,936 yen (more than $ 3.09 million) in Super Chat earnings, and beyond Kiryu Coco at 340,232,976 yen (more than $ 2.95 million), Used Pekora at 231,960,128 yen (more than $ 2.01 million), Houshou mara at 201,200,943 yen (more than $ 1.74 million) and the Garosero Research Institute (가로 세로 연구소) at 178,074,833 yen (more than $ 1.54 million).

From the sixth position onwards, Aqua Minato at 176,950,782 yen (more than $ 1.53 million), Amane kanata at 175,906,158 yen (more than $ 1.52 million), Kuzuha Channel at 162,354,460 yen (more than $ 1.41 million), Yukihana lamy at 158,939,688 yen (more than $ 1.38 million) Y. Mori calliope at 138,950,104 yen (more than $ 1.20 million). It is worth noting that Gura gura (to the twenty – third position), the Virtual YouTuber of Hololive production with the largest number of subscribers to date, indicating that more subscribers does not mean greater success.

On the other hand, Hololive production It is a company owned talent agency Cover Corporation. Until 2021, the agency had more than 50 Virtual YouTubers through its various divisions. The body Cover Corporation established on 13 June 2016 at Motoaki “Yagoo” Tanigo, an entrepreneur who developed video game characters in collaboration with Sanrio in the material company Models and set up a number of start – ups. Later he would start Tokino Sora, the first Virtual YouTuber for its company, on September 7, 2017.

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