HIDIVE to stream Oshi no Ko, Spy Classroom, Kubo and more in 2023

HIDIVE announced new licenses for the upcoming year (2023) at today’s ANIME NYC industry panel. Some titles premiered back in January:

  • Oshi no Ko
  • Ragna Crimson
  • Tsurune: The Linking Shot (Season 2)
  • Kubo won’t let me be invisible
  • My life as Inukai-san’s dog
  • The dangers in my heart
  • Endo and Kobayashi Live! The latest on Tsundere Villianness Lieselotte
  • Spy classroom

Tsurune: The Linking Shot (Season 2), Kubo won’t let me be invisible, My life as Inukai-san’s dog, Endo and Kobayashi Live! The latest on Tsundere Villianness Lieselotte and Spy classroom are premiering this January in Japan. Ragna Crimson, The dangers in my heart and the long awaited Oshi no Ko anime don’t have exact release dates yet, but they’re joining the HIDIVE lineup sometime in 2023.

HIDIVE is streaming the Urusei Yatsura reboot and Eminence in the shadowsas well as Reincarnated as a sword and Akiba Maid Wars (original anime) this season. The Lupine franchise is also part of their library, along with Made in Abyss and Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? (Danmachi) series.

Source: ANIME NYC, HIDIVE Official Twitter
Featured Image: Spy Classroom ©️ Takemachi, Tomari/KADOKAWA/Spy Classroom Production Committee; Oshi no Ko © Akasaka Aka, Mengo Yokoyari / Shueisha; My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog © Gosei Furukawa / Kodansha / Inuhiro Production Committee

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