Here’s Billie Eilish’s Leeds 2023 headliner

Billie Eilish completed her headlining performance at Leeds Festival 2023 with an impressive selection of songs as part of her set list – here’s what she performed.

Last night (August 25), the 21-year-old became the youngest artist to headline Leeds festival, overtaking London rapper Dave, who did so last year at 24. In his historic performance, Eilish managed to achieve the biggest songs and the biggest classics from her career.

In her performance, Eilish (and her brother Finneas) treated attendees to a massive playlist of over 20 songs, including ‘Bury A Friend,’ the Barbie soundtrack song ‘What Was I Made For?’, ‘Ocean Eyes’, ‘Oxytocin’, ‘Bad Guy’ and ‘Happier Than Ever’, which closed the concert.

While performing ‘What Was I Made For?’, Eilish referenced and was surprised by a viral TikTok meme, in which user @queenzziel0cthevoice duetted Billie’s karaoke version of the song, singing the first verse with a slight accent different, something like “While I enjoy” when the original lyrics are “All the enjoyment”.

Check out pictures of Billie Eilish performing at Leeds Festival 2023.

At the end of her performance, Eilish greeted fans at the railings, hugged them, took photos with them, and spoke with them.

Billie Eilish’s set list at Leeds Festival 2023 is as follows:

  1. bury a friend
  2. I haven’t changed my number
  3. NDA
  4. Therefore I am
  5. My Strange Addiction
  6. ‘Idontwannabeanymore/beautiful’
  7. My future
  8. ‘You Should See Me With Corona’
  9. new billie bossa
  10. gold fin
  11. ‘What Have I Done?
  12. oxytocin
  13. ilomilo
  14. I like you
  15. Your power
  16. television
  17. ‘Bbol Gear/Ocean Eyes
  18. ‘getting old’
  19. A lost cause
  20. ‘When the Party’s over’
  21. ‘All good girls go to hell’
  22. all i wanted
  23. ‘naughty person’
  24. ‘Happier than ever’

Billie Eilish will headline the 2023 Reading Festival on August 27.

In Reading, Sam Fender treated the crowd to a performance worthy of a five-star rating from the NME. NME’s Andrew Trendell wrote of the performance: “Fender, an artist grounded in reality alone, singing straight to the heart of a young audience with the world at their feet, can do that even more. It’s a mirror to the public this, and for that reason he belongs more on this stage than anyone”.

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