Hatsune Miku’s thighs swell and the fans react

Good smile company not only a company that makes excellent quality figures, but a division is also known Good Smile Racing with Team Ukyo (GSR)a racing team that currently competes in Super GT, as well as a subsidiary first established in 2010 after Good smile company the title sponsor was introduced with a theme of Hatsune Miku in the year 2008.

The team currently has Mercedes-AMG GT GT3 No. 4 piloted by Nobuteru Taniguchi Y Tatsuya Kataoka in the GT300 class. The company also produces model vehicles and related goods to support the racing team with sponsorship. But today we are not here to talk about the brand, but about its official face: the brand itself. Hatsune Mikua virtual idol of him vocaloid.

An illustration of the popular virtual idol in sportswear is released with each new promo, and the latest one was no exception. promoting “Hatsune Miku GT 2023 Project“, the video also presents”Miku Racing 2023 Version.“, a version of the character but wearing the colors of the racing division. What caught the eye, however, is not only the beautiful outfit she wears, but that she has fleshy thighs in the area called “the whole zone (zettai ryoiki)“.

In fact, the producers know that Hatsune Miku’s thighs are the sensation in this edition of the derivative character, as they make a clear approach in the presentation video regarding that area.

And why does Hatsune Miku have thighs in this illustration? Well, it could not be for any other reason than the fact that Toridamono The artist was in charge of making it. Do not? Don’t know who Toridamono is? Well, no less than the official designer of the Atelier Ryza video game franchise. And do you know what makes those video games so popular? The meaty thighs of the protagonist!

Of course, there were reactions in comment forums, highlighting:

  • «Those thighs are about to burst!».
  • «Exquisite».
  • «So now it’s Ryza Miku?».
  • «Toridamono-sensei! Thank you very much!».
  • «Wow, they have exceeded».
  • «They’re not kidding me, that’s Ryza disguised as Miku».
  • «I don’t recognize her».
  • «Sorry about those thighs, they must be stopping the blood circulation to the rest of the legs.».
  • «I’m sorry, but the only real Hatsune Miku, to me, is the following [imágenes adjuntas]».

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