Harem in Another World Labyrinth Episode 11 preview released

A harem in the labyrinth of another world Episode 11 preview images and teaser trailer have been revealed. Episode 11 will air on September 14, and Michio will get a new slave. You can check out the preview images below:

A harem in the labyrinth of another world episode 11 preview images part 2

The teaser is also available:

A harem in the labyrinth of another world episode 11 teaser trailer

Crispy rollhas streamed A harem in the labyrinth of another world from July 6, 2022 and currently has 10 episodes available. Naoyuki Tatsuwa directed the show at Passione Studio. The plot of the series is described as follows:

Struggling with life and society, high school student Michio Kaga wanders the Internet and stumbles upon a strange website. Featuring a series of questions and a point system, the website allows skills and abilities to be created for a character. After completing his character, Kaga is transported to a game-like fantasy world and reborn as a strong man who can claim idol-level girls. Thus begins the legend of a man reborn cheat and harem!

The anime is based on Shachi SoganoIsekai Meikyou de Harem wo (Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World)series of light novels. Shufunotomo has published it with Shikidouji’s illustrations since 2012 and currently has 12 volumes available. Issei Hyojuon’s Amanga adaptation has been serialized by Kadokawa Shoten in n Monthly Shonen Ace since 2017 and currently has 8 volumes in circulation.

source: Official Twitter and Official site
© 2022 Shachi Sogano / Shufunotomo Infos, KADOKAWA / Isekai Meikyu de Harem wo Production Committee

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