Handyman Saitou reveals trailer for Franril and Ninia

Anime adaptation ofMaster Saitou in another world introduced Franril and Ninia in a new trailer revealed earlier today. They are voiced by Ruriko Aoki and Azusa Tadakoro.

Master Saitou in another world – Franril and Ninia trailer

Studio C2C is animating the series, which is scheduled to premiere in January 2023. The opening theme song is Kaleidoscope” by Teary Planet. The anime adaptation was announced in January of this year, and the teaser and visuals were released in July. The staff includes:

  • Original story: Kazutomo Ichi
  • Supervisor: Shoji Masuda
  • Director: Toshiyuki Kuboka
  • Series Cast/Writer: Kenta Ihara
  • Character Design: Yoko Tanabe
  • Music: Tomotoka Ohsumi
  • Sound director: Yuichi Imaizumi

Master Saitou in another world(Benriya Saitou-san, Isekai ni Iku) is a manga written by Kazutomo Ichitomo. It is currently being serialized on Kadokawa’s online reading service ComicWalker. It is currently not licensed in English and the title comes from Kadokawa’s trailer. The plot follows Saitou, a craftsman who spends his life doing what is “right”. However, one day he wakes up and realizes that he has reincarnated in another world. There he gets a makeover and even fights to clear dungeons with his friends. His friends include La Elsa, a tsundere warrior, Morlock, a perverted wizard who often forgets spells, and a sweet-looking (money-grabbing) fairy. Although he is not “special” in the new world, Saitou still manages to use the skills of a master from his previous life to advance in the dungeons and help his group – which makes him feel appreciated.

source:Official Twitter
© Kazutomo Ichitomo, KADOKAWA / “Handyman Saitou-san in Another World” Production Committee

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