Hanakomon: beautiful birthday flower badges in samurai style

Like European armies, “Japanese families are in a certain position”kamon“, Or a family crest. But while the”kamon“It's unique to the family, and shared by all its members, Japan also has a set of emblems that anyone can claim, because they are linked to their date of birth.

These emblems are called »hanakomon“, Which literally means,”personalized flower emblem“. The total set contains 366 brands. Assuming that Japan did not adopt the Gregorian 365/366 day calendar until the end of the 19th century,”hanakomon“History cannot be so proud”kamonBut they still incorporate the aesthetics of traditional Japanese design, smooth and elegant.

These emblems are more personal than a birthstone

The flowers, which come from Japan and those from other nations, can be found among the “hanakomon“, And a handful of artist workshops provide textiles and interior items that stand out with these ridges. An website ó The 366 Days of HanakomonIt even has interactive calendars that let you see all the emblems with more information, such as the name of the flower in Japanese and its meaning, which is revealed by clicking on a specific day.

Fountain: SoraNews24


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