Halsey tells of his stance in favor of abortion: “My abortion saved my life and gave way for my son to have it”

Halsey has written an essay to explain her position on reproductive rights, stating whether the birth of her first child, Ender, influenced her attitude to the subject.

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Halsey’s essay – published by fashion on Friday (July 1) – which comes in response to the recent cancellation of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 court case that legalized abortion at the federal level. In early May, documents released revealed that the U.S. Supreme Court privately voted to overturn the sentence; Its decision was officially enacted on June 24, meaning that U.S. states will be able to establish their own laws on the legality of abortion.

Ender was born on July 14, 2021, following what Halsey described as a “beautiful delivery.” They explained that they had suffered three miscarriages before her 24th birthday, one of which required medical abortion to prevent her from developing sepsis. “It was a cruel irony that I could easily get pregnant but have a hard time maintaining a pregnancy,” they wrote, noting that they were reminded of that experience when giving birth to Ender.

“It smelled the same sterile,” they continued. “The same white sheets and the same eerie pulse sounds and commotion. But when Ender was born, the world went silent. My body, which I had loathed for years systematically ‘failed’, did everything right. I poured one tag in postpartum exhaustion Failure of happiness because my body knew exactly what to do.

“The long chapter of my life on abortion and miscarriage was reduced to a page at that time. It was simply divided into ‘before’ this moment and everything that would follow. Years of blood, pain and misery from almost pregnancy missing and unwanted, and then the euphoria of the chosen motherhood. “

However, Halsey went on to say that Ender’s birth did not affect his position on the view that everyone with a uterus should have safe, legal, and affordable access to abortion. “In fact, I never felt more assertive about it,” they said. “My abortion saved my life and paved the way for my son.

“Everyone deserves the right to choose when, if and how they have this dangerous and life – changing experience. I will hold my son with one hand and fight as hard as I can with the someone else. “

Halsey has long been an advocate for reproductive rights. She was blunt about her own reproductive health issues and spoke to Roe v. Wade often. During the first concert of his current tour “Love And Power”, for example, he showed a video in which he shared facts about the importance of safe access to abortion.

Last Sunday (June 26) they screened a similar video in Phoenix and gave a powerful speech on the need to be active during the political war on reproductive rights. That speech led some fans to walk out of Halsey’s concerts – which she responded to after the show, joking about the “inconvenience of [actuar en] enclosures outside [es que no hay] without a door to knock them on the way out.

When the aforementioned Supreme Court documents were leaked in May, Halsey was one of more than 150 artists who signed a petition against the proposed (and now official) ruling. “The Roe v. Wade recession will dramatically change our fundamental rights to physical independence and reproductive health care,” they wrote at the time. “We are electors and we have the right and the responsibility to fight this.”

Over the past week, hundreds of artists have spoken out against the official dismissal of Roe v. Wade. Many of them performed during their performances at Glastonbury 2022, including IDLES, Billie Eilish, Lorde, Olivia Rodrigo, Jarvis Cocker, Phoebe Bridgers and Kendrick Lamar.

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