‘Halo Infinite’ takes “serious” comments after the “bumpy” launch of the second season

343 Industries acknowledged that the launch of the second season of Halo Infinite was “bumpy”.

The second season of Halo Infinite was released earlier this week (May 3) after a nearly six-month stretch of the first season. The update introduced new maps, game modes, and a battle pass, but some players were disappointed by some unexpected changes and bugs.

However, these complaints went unnoticed, as 343 Industries acknowledged that the release of the second season has not gone as planned.

Last night (May 5), public director John Junyszek reported a players that a bug that had affected the tracking of Last Spartan Standing Challenges had been fixed, and that the company was looking into other complaints.

“We have seen the feedback on the changes that have affected various multiplayer skips and speedrun campaign strategies,” he wrote. “We are not at the point where we can promise anything yet, but we want to be transparent and say that we are taking feedback seriously and reviewing options internally.”

Creative Director Joseph Staten told him: “Hey Spartans, this week has been very narrow. That’s not our goal. In fact, we are taking your feedback into account, especially on map jumping and speed We are reviewing the options and we will have more news ”.

“Last but not least, thank you for providing your feedback and reporting any questions you come to Halo Support. Your constructive feedback helps make Halo Infinite a better match,” he said. Junyszek.

Players expressed their dissatisfaction with changes to game features that many felt were unnecessary, such as dash boost, melee combat, and, as originally reported on EuroGamer, a “fix” for the Pelican kidnapping bug, which enabling players to dominate the high. flying vehicle.

In other gaming news, the long – awaited MMO The Day Before is delayed until 2023.

“We are pleased to announce that The Day Before is transitioning to the new Unreal Engine 5 technology,” Fntastic said in a statement. “The transition to a more developed and adapted open world engine will be even better with The Day Before gameplay.”


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