Haikyuu fans!! they are disappointed with the movies

Last August 13 was a dark day for all the fans of the Conradh na Gaeilge franchise Haikyuu!!. Instead of announcing a more obvious (and almost confirmed) fifth season of the anime, the production announced a two-part film project titled Haikyuu!! Final, its adaptation like the rest of the original Manga.

We must remember that the last episode of the fourth season, which aired on December 18, 2020, adapted chapters 247, 290, 291 and 292 of the original manga. If the two films are really going to adapt the rest of the play (which makes perfect sense, since they put “Final” in the title), they would be adapting 293 to 402, that is , over a hundred chapters!

Two films are at least five hours cumulative (about two and a half hours per film, I hope), which is equivalent to about fifteen anime episodes (taking twenty minutes in length, without opening or ending) . Considering that there are 110 chapters of the manga left to be adapted, this would suggest that it would be like a fifteen episode season, with 7 chapters each. A clear disaster!

It is worth noting that the release about the movies could not be more confusing, as some fans are still hopeful that the fifth season (ie season plus movies) will be announced later. However, because they put “Final” in the title it greatly lowers the chance of a complementary project in the planning.

Of course, this is surely due to multiple performances announcing canon films (not like One Piece, where the movies are extraneous), something that Kimetsu no Yaiba started with Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-hen at the end of 2020, the most successful film in the history of Japanese cinema. Sure, the production committees think they can replicate this amazing success, but no film has come close to that since, and it’s possible Haikyuu!! will not be the exception.

We will conclude this article by collecting the most popular comments:

  • «Honestly, we’re lucky to even have the movies. The manga has ended, which means a season 5 was never likely.».
  • «Haikyuu gets this treatment and some hair cutting h3ntai l0licon isekai 3 seasons in a row».
  • «Fukurodani vs Mujinazaka needs to be an OVA, to help the pacing a bit, if they put it in the movie it would take a long time, and it would be awkward, and if they cut it from the series it would be bad for Bokuto. . OVA is the best solution in this case».
  • «I guess this is karma because MAPPA decided not to make a Shingeki no Kyojin movie. A soul to another soul».
  • «I think “FINAL” refers to the last part of the Institute Arc. According to this, these two movies will end with Hinata Shouyou going to Rio, which sounds more reasonable. It would also match all the panels at the end of the promotional video. I don’t expect them to adapt 110 episodes, to be honest».
  • «I probably won’t be watching that if they really are cramming all those 110 episodes into 2 hour movies. I don’t mind half-hearted animation if it’s seasons, not great animation just so they cut the plot. The plot is the essence of Haikyuu!! and I made love to her».
  • «That’s why I live only from manga. Anime always manages to disappoint. Like the fireworks animation in the current One Piece fights. There is no rawness in the anime that there is in the manga. Until now Haikyuu!! he was one of the few who continued with the original story, but now he has moved».
  • «It doesn’t even make sense because the anime itself is very popular and would easily bring in a lot of revenue if they did it normally. Of course you want to increase the sales of the manga and now that it’s over that’s gone, but the merchandise was enough».
  • «You talk like Haikyuu!! The quality of the story would not have diminished after the Nationals were over. The subsequent arc is essentially an extended, glorified backstory. I think if they make the 2 movies they could cut out the irrelevant content and end it with a bang».

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