Haikyū Music Festival !! held in Osaka and Tokyo

It was confirmed today that the music festival of Haikyū !! held in Osaka Y. Tokyo The official website of the series Haikyu !! it has been announced that the first music festival will take place in Osaka.

In addition, the participation of the groups who performed various songs from the series' soundtrack will be part of the event. The festival will take place in Osaka during the month of January, thereafter Tokyo in February.

Not only will the festival feature famous songs from the series. The festival will also feature famous scenes from the series. In addition, the website published an advertising poster for the festival. Called “Haikyū !! Concert 2018 ″.

Haikyu !! Concert 2017

The “Haikyu !! Concert 2017”Only i Tokyo February 26th. The festival featured a wide range of items for sale, including: badges, posters, t-shirts, key rings, among other items.

Haikyu !!
The first compilation film in the series was recently released on September 15th. The second film of Haikyu !! The premiere will take place the following week. Each film will have a limited screening, showing for two weeks from its premiere. In addition, the movies Haikyū !! they contain original scenes that have never been seen before.

The first film focuses on the game against Aobajōsai. The second film will cover the game against him Shiratorizawa performed in the third and final season of the series.

Undoubtedly the music festival Haikyū !! it will be a great event.

Source: ANN


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