h3ntai artist shared his own experience netarare (NTR)

Cocq Taichou (Captain_Cocq)He is an erotic and h3ntai artist who posts one-panel doujinshis with popular girls from other franchises or completely original characters. However, he recently shared a diagram with a curious description: «A photo my girlfriend sent me when I was a college student because I had a cold and couldn’t go to the beach to spend the night with my friends. Gambling for my girlfriend and my friends… Without me…»

The illustration shows two girls and a boy, the latter taking the middle by their waist and holding it quite close. But things did not end there, since he wrote: «To be clear, this is a true story from my own experience, which I drew while looking at the photos sent to me at the time».

Of course, a large number of comments began to appear before the original publication, indicating:

  • «You could have gone to the beach, there was no need for you to go into the water. Or she could stay with you to take care of you. In the end, they were both selfish».
  • «I’ve been through that too, but when you get cheated on or when you’re dealing with real life, your coping skills go up a lot and you’re able to do so much more.».
  • «too merciful».
  • «I have never had an experience as bad as this, but I still remember that scene where I saw my girlfriend, who I was dating at the time, walking into a hotel with two men I didn’t know, above me cooperation And it was a motel. After that, I went back to my parents house with a broken heart… I broke up with her the next day. Two men more handsome than me».
  • «Do not rule out the possibility that the man did not dare to do something with her».
  • «When your boyfriend is sick and you don’t offer to take care of him».
  • «The smell of NTR… My brain is sick…».
  • «Just looking at this, my chest hurts».
  • «I can’t like it, it’s too sad».
  • «I imagine how you were: “It’s 9 at night and he doesn’t answer the phone… maybe he’s already gone to sleep”».

font: @Captain_Cocq on Twitter


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