Guilty Gear: Bridget’s Gender Divides Fans

In recent weeks, the video game has become a trend Guilty Gear: Strikeafter announcing that the character Bridget will become downloadable content. While it was surprising enough that this popular character would finally arrive, it was also significant to make a clear distinction between Japanese and Western audiences in terms of gender identity.

Bridget’s official profile states that she was born in a town in England where having twins of the same sex was considered a bad joke.one had to be sacrificed or expelled. His parents decided to raise him as a woman, not wanting to lose one of their two sons. As the years passed and her parents were guilty of what they had done in their lives, Bridget left her village hoping to earn money and prove that superstition is foolish.

So, Bridget is a man who dresses as a woman. It is clear to the Japanese to name it as “otokonoko (boy)“, a way of referring to men who dress as women and use masculine pronouns when referring to him. However, when Bridget was introduced to the West at the same time, her profile card revealed something very different.

Obviously, the most direct translation of “otokonoko” is “transvestite” or “rag”, as the English term has been adopted in Latin America. The English translation, however, decided to refer to Bridget with female pronouns, declaring her to be a “transgender woman” at the same time. Placing it in this category changes its meaning, as it means “Bridget is a man, but she identifies as a woman“, which fans consider to be throwing out the legend for the reason he left his hometown: to achieve success as a male twin.

Where did such a conclusion about being a “trans woman” come from? It turns out that in a conversation after a battle in Arcade Mode, Bridget dialogue with Goldlewis Y Slim about his concerns for the future: «I am too afraid of losing what I haveBridget exclaimed. Goldlewis said to Bridget: “You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, girl, you gotta learn how to take a hit». Ky added: “There is a helping hand in front of you».

After reassuring her, Bridget stood up confidently. «I don’t want to run scared anymore». He continued: “From now on, no matter what, no more lying to myself». At this point, it’s not really clear what Bridget was struggling with, but they have a support system that helps them survive. A determined Bridget leaned in and said, “Thank you! for both». Relieved to see Bridget, Goldlewis replied, “Do not mention it. Greetings happy road. Or, uh, cowboy…?». replied Bridget, “Cowgirl is fine! because I’m a girl». However, did you know that this is not the whole scene?

The media is showing that final scene without context because it “shows the world that there is minority representation in Guilty Gear: Strive.” However, the scene reveals only one of Bridget’s possible endings, and refers to her stopping doubt and continuing to dress as a woman to protect her family, as it is the right thing to do. At the end of the day, it all boils down to two things: in the West, Briget is a transgender woman; to Japan, Bridget is a man who cross-dresses as a woman to protect her family.

By the way, what do the other versions of this scene say? Let’s review:

  • If you lose a round with Goldlewis you get the phrase “Hoss”. Unless you lose a round to him, he never says this and instead says that Bridget is famous. Anyway, Bridget mentions that it’s a boy.
  • If you go hard to Ky, Goldlewis joins the battle. She won that match without losing a round and Bridget says she’s a girl.
  • If you beat Ky in Extreme, you beat that match without losing a round, and then you beat Ky in stage 9 without losing a round, Ky invites Bridget to welcome the change and invites her to his kingdom (as a boy).
  • If you catch up with Ky with Goldlewis and lose a few rounds along the way, you’ll end up talking vaguely about Bridget being indecisive and lazy about something unspecific.

Regarding Guilty Complaint: Try

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