Gucci receives criticism for its Harry Styles ad with a mattress for small children after the controversy with Balenciaga

Gucci came under fire for a recent ad campaign featuring Harry Styles posing with a child’s mattress.

The campaign, for Gucci’s “HA HA HA” collection, was called inappropriate after Balenciaga’s recent controversial Christmas ad campaign.

Last month, the French luxury fashion house was widely criticized after removing a series of ads containing alleged sexualized images of children and court documents related to child pornography cases.

People from the fashion industry and elsewhere voiced their criticism and concern on social media, with many calling for people to boycott the company.

Kanye West, who worked with Balenciaga before cutting ties with the rapper last month over his anti-Semitic comments, has since spoken out about the controversy. His ex-wife Kim Kardashian, a brand ambassador, also addressed the issue.

On November 28, Balenciaga posted two apologies on Instagram to further explain the removed campaign. “The two advertising campaigns in question show a series of serious errors for which Balenciaga is responsible,” they said.

Gucci’s “HA HA HA” collection was described as the product of a friendship between Styles and the recently deceased creative director Alessandro Michele.

“Why create a ‘performance piece’ with the mattress of a small child and a grown man?” wrote Zarini on social media. “What worries me is that there seems to be a common ideology in all the Kering fashion houses.

“Gucci was created to be the most elegant brand with the highest quality product. The direction it is going now is a cause for concern. The protection of children should always come first and not be laughed at.”

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