Grimes makes new music: “I forgot this is so much fun”

Grimes has revealed that he is writing music for the first time in a while, adding that he “forgot” how much fun it is.

The musician and producer’s last album, ‘Miss Anthropocene’, was released in 2020. Since then he has shared a series of independent tracks – some of which have yet to be officially released -, such as “He sees“,”Welcome To The Opera”, “Player Of Games” and “Shinigami Eyes”, with Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Dorian Electra.

Now the Canadian star has tweeted that he’s enjoying writing music again: “Wow doing music for the first time in years and I forgot this is so much fun,” he wrote yesterday (February 28) .

Last month, Grimes reported on the status of her upcoming album, “Book 1,” but revealed that music is no longer a top priority in her life, calling it a “secondary pursuit.”

The artist, born Claire Boucher, acknowledged the long wait for the album, which she announced would be released in 2021. She attributed the delay to “minor legal issues”, but added that ” fame and fortune are a unique hell”.

“I don’t want to say that life isn’t blessed and my God is ten times better = I’m the luckiest girl in the world, but do I want the attention that an album brings? 100% nooo (with all due attention). “

Grimes said he will continue to release the album and more music. “I owe it to you all, the life of artists is blessed and I take it seriously,” he explained.

“But my family, my best friends, and my kids get pulled in no matter what I do.[mi familia son] my whole life: this is also your battle”.

“I’ll always be releasing music, but in case it’s not clear, music is now my second activity. Less pressure and more freedom = probably more music, but ideally low key,” Grimes concludes. . “I’ll always try my best to entertain while trashing my reputation, I hope that’s okay with you, I love you all.”

Grimes said in September of last year that “Book 1” was finished, revealing that it was in the mixed stage. He said at the time that he had 20 songs and suggested that a second album, “Book 2,” might also be on the way.

In more recent news, the solo artist last month shared her support for Charli XCX after the latter’s album ‘Crash’ failed to earn a Grammy nomination.

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