Greentea Peng details her new blend ‘Greenzone 108’

Greentea Peng has shared details on a new mixtape, “Greenzone 108”, due out next month.

The news comes a week after the artist returned with a new spiritual song called ‘Look To Him’, which has now received an official video alongside the mixtape announcement.

Speaking about the new mixtape, which will be released on September 9, in a statement, Greentea Peng said, “‘GREENZONE 108’ is a field of open, free-flowing expression. A collection of works accumulated over a transitional period of my life. A kind of elevation of a MAN DO, in the sense that a lot has changed and shaped in the 2 years since he was born.

“‘GREENZONE108’ is freer, less structured and more of a dialogue/open space that explores everything from spirituality and originality to mental health and politics, hence why it’s a mixtape and not an album.”

Watch Greentea Peng’s new video “Look To Him”​​​​​​​below, and pre-save “Greenzone 108” here.

Discussing the meaning of ‘Look To Him’, the artist said: “‘Look To Him’ explores the idea of ​​originality and the notion of harnessing the energy of the source for creativity and inspiration rather than looking for it simply among your peers. and your environment,” Greentea Peng said of the new song in a statement.

“At the same time, it challenges the idea that anything is truly original, since nothing is truly ours, but is filtered into us from a Higher Power and thus distributed by God Himself.”

The new song follows the track ‘Your Mind’, which was shared in March, and which also appears on the upcoming mixtape.

Check out the tracklist and artwork for ‘Greenzone 108’ below.

1. ‘Feint’

2. ‘Lose My Mind’

3. ‘Look at it’

4. ‘Employed in the Middle’

5. ‘Your Mind’

6. ‘Our Father’

7. ‘Three Eyes Open’

8. ‘My Love’

9. ‘Bun Tough’

10. ‘The Best Step’

Earlier this year, Greentea Peng canceled her March UK tour due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. “If it was just me on the mic on a track it would be different, but maneuvering a 6-piece band and crew is a different story and we need time, all the energy and a lot of money to to accomplish things. “I’d rather do it right than suddenly,” he said in a released.

During his performance at Glastonbury 2022, he revealed that it would be his last live performance for a while. In their review, NME wrote, “Their set is a sensitive performance in many ways, and singing ‘Your Mind’ is one of them; it’s a soul-lifting experience.” For his first “beautiful” set at Glastonbury, there are many good things that you will only hear if you were at his set.

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