Gotoubun no Hanayome: Quintuplets for Adults falls in love with fans

Gotoubun no Hanayome It is an Anime and Manga that continues to rage in popularity even after both projects have already been completed. Just imagine Futaro Uesugi, a boy who becomes the guardian of five quintuplet sisters, each with their own unique personality. With that alone you already have a recipe for chaos and fun. What really matters is the central plot: which of these five very different sisters will be Fuutarou’s future wife? This was the ongoing mystery that kept fans hanging until the very end.

The characters are really charming. Ichika, the oldest, is serious but also protective. Nino is bold and direct, while Miku is more shy and reserved. Yotsuba is a born optimist, and Itsuki, the most stubborn, will always surprise you. Each one has its moment in history and you feel a special connection with them.

Also, as you progress through the story, the characters grow and change. Their relationship deepens and develops, keeping you completely hooked. The combination of love and humor is perfect. Those cute moments make you smile, and the funny situations will make you laugh out loud.

And what happened to each girl at the end of the story? Ichika became a famous actress, Nino and Miku opened a restaurant together, and Itsuki became a teacher, just like her mother. If you think about Yotsuba, it was never shown what he worked on after the end of the manga, well Negi Haruba called her the “wife”..

Well, it turns out that the Ichiban Kuji lottery announced a collaboration with him Gotoubun no Hanayome where they will be offering a range of prizes that will include everything from figures to products based on new illustrations. It was the latter that attracted attention, since the illustrations are based on the adult quintuplets.

With this portrayal of Yotsuba as an adult, fans of the franchise were able to draw several conclusions, such as her working as a coach or physical education teacher. Anything could be possible. What do you think he did after he won the love war?

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