GOG now offers monthly leave to its female employees

GOG, the digital store formerly known as Good Old Games, has announced that it will offer its employees a holiday period.

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According to AicsiosGOG announced the news three weeks ago on its LinkedIn profile: “We are pleased to announce that, starting today, we are implementing a menstrual holiday for all GOG employees who are menstruating,” the post reads.

“Menstrual leave advocates inclusion by assuming that there are biological differences in the workplace. By giving those with menstrual pain an extra vacation, we acknowledge that these symptoms are true.”

The post talks about the taboos of menstruation and how to break them “only by talking and turning uncomfortable content into normal conversation. Implementing menstrual loss is one more step to make GOG a more enjoyable place to work. comprehensive, and we will not stop with our ongoing efforts to learn, reflect and improve on how we can do better for all our staff. “

Culture and communications director Gabriela Siemienkowicz said to Axios that employees can take as much time as necessary “when cramps occur,” and that they can also choose to take paid hourly time off instead of a full day.

Siemienkowicz also called for the policy “trial in that we intend to assess the impact of these additional holidays on the welfare of our monthly female employees by the end of 2022, and we are considering extending the policy in the next year. “

According to Aicsios, The inspiration for the idea came from Siemienkowicz when she herself was suffering from an extremely painful period, picking up the subject during a GOG Women’s meeting, when she discovered she was not alone.

In statements to computer playerCD Projekt’s director of public relations, Radek Grabowski, was asked if this initiative would be extended to the parent company: “GOG is leading this initiative, and we are studying the possibility of making it available to all Projekt CDs , “Grabowski replied.

In other news, prices for subscriptions Night Online There will be an increase next month due to “global trends”.


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