Girls don’t care about their breasts like in the anime

In the forum”Anonymous Diary“, a Japanese user was trending after sharing a long text explaining that an anime stereotype where girls worry about their breast size is completely untrue. In fact, he points out that this type of stereotype does not appear in live-action series of Japanese origin, much less in real life, so it does not explain why the script writers of the otaku culture still use this resource .

Write her text:

  • I think it’s a promising evolution in anime, but it’s difficult because the values ​​seem to become anachronistic, like female characters worrying about the size of their breasts or envying the breasts of characters with large breasts.
  • Do women care so much about the size of their own breasts? Do they feel superiority or inferiority, big or small? I don’t know, I’m a man, but I always wondered. You are assessing superiority or inferiority based on breast size, which is a value based on men’s sexual desire.
  • That, well, can’t be avoided, but an episode where the female character worries about a male writer on the other side of the fiction makes me imagine. And it is even more difficult when you consider that there are voice actresses who are forced to read such an anachronistic interview. How does it feel to play a woman who worries about the size of her breasts, a creature of the playwright’s imagination?
  • Are there girls who care about the size of their breasts creatures from anime, novels and otaku culture? In live-action dramas, the number seems to be low, if any. As long as the characters are played by real people, is this an act of withdrawal so that their physical features are not given as much credit? Do women in real life also pay attention to the size of the breast, and do not tell it as a story?

Of course, there were comments about it as well:

  • «You are so right that I have nothing to answer».
  • «In real life you care more about the color of your nipples».
  • «It’s really weird that scenes where female characters are compared to breast size have become such a recurring theme in anime. There is no anime comparing male characters the size of their dicks».
  • «Does such a character exist today? I used to see them all the time in the 90’s or so».
  • «Don’t watch cartoons if you’re going to complain about how unrealistic they are. It all boils down to that».
  • «This old feminist doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Women are a tougher battle than men think. That is why feminists were born as colleagues».
  • «Size, shape, color. Some women worry a lot, don’t deny it».
  • «If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Or do you want me to include a scene with a character who also cares about the size of his dick on the men’s side?».

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