GhostWire: Tokyo Update celebrates Children ‘s Day

New GhostWire Update: Tokyo celebrates Japan’s National Children’s Day holiday with new emotions and helmets.

The update was released yesterday (May 2). Children’s Day is celebrated annually on May 5 in Japan and is one of four national holidays celebrated during Golden Week.

According to Tango Gameworks, the party aims to “celebrate children ‘s health and happiness, usually by decorating with fish – shaped kites and wearing paper samurai helmets.”

“Now you can participate in the festivals in GhostWire: Tokyo,” the studio continues, as the update brings two new emotions to the game.

In “Koinobori”, Akito shows koi – shaped streams, and in “They Grow Up So Fast”, Akito proudly wears a “Kabuto” folded paper samurai helmet. The Kabuto Paper has also been introduced, which will allow players to wear an origami samurai helmet from the emote.

In addition, in the new update, Tango Gameworks has improved performance on both the PC and PS5 versions of the game, fixed “numerous bugs”, and enabled players to adjust the size of Tengu.

According to the patch notes, “faster travel is now available in the game”, but no additional details are shared.

GhostWire: Tokyo was released in March. In a three – star review of the game, NME wrote: “By killing all the residents in the game’s opening cutscene, Tango becomes a bit of a corner, because his view of Tokyo is lifeless. To some extent, that works.” : I’m the most beautiful in my comfort as she explores the deserted streets, and the only company is the clothes left when the population has gone. ”

“But that’s not enough soon, and the blame lies primarily with the fact that there’s not much to do – and there’s no motivation for what it’s.”

It has also been revealed that Tango Gameworks founder Shinji Mikami wants the studio to move away from the horror genre in the future.

“Of course, it’s nice that fans think of us as a reputable studio for making survival horror games,” he said. “But we want to be seen as a studio capable of creating a greater variety of games.”


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