Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Movie version of season 2 gets a November 23 opening date

The film version (theatrical version) of the second season of Ghost in the Armor: SAC_2045 will be released on November 23rd. It will be available in 30 theaters in Japan and will have a limited three-week run after the premiere date. A teaser trailer and preview were also released.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Theatrical Cut – Teaser Trailer

The movie titled Ghost in the Armor: SAC_2045 The Last Man will use the theme songs from the second season, namely “Secret Ceremony” and “No Time to Cast Anchor”, which were performed by Millennium Parade and were used as the opening and ending theme songs, respectively.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Theatrical Cut – Teaser Visual

The Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045’s the first season was released in April 2020 and the second season was released in May 2022. Both are exclusive to Netflix. IG Production and SOLA DIGITAL ARTS animated the series. The main cast includes:

  • Akio Otsuka as Bato
  • Atsuko Tanaka as Motoko Kusanagi
  • Koichi Yamadera as Togusa
  • Hiroshi Naka as Daisuke Aramaki
  • Kaiji Soze as John Smith
  • Kenjiro Tsuda as standard
  • Megumi Han as Purin Ezaki
  • Megumi Hayashibara as Takashi Shimamura
  • Sakiko Tamagawa as Tachikoma
  • Shigeo Kiyama as Kurisu Otomo Teito
  • Takashi Onozuka as Pazu
  • Taro Yamaguchi as Borma
  • Toru Okawa as Saito
  • Yutaka Nakano as Ishikawa

The anime is part of the franchise based on the Ghost in the Shell manga by Shirow Masamune, which was serialized in Kodansha’s Young Magazine. The anime’s official website describes Season 2 as:
The year is 2045. As a result of the Global Simultaneous Default, an economic catastrophe that has shaken every country on Earth to its foundations, and the explosive evolution of artificial intelligence, the world is plunged into Endurance War, a planned war that can go on indefinitely. In this near future, the decline has not yet become strong enough for people to feel the risk to human survival posed by AI in their daily lives
To combat the cybercrimes of the posthumans, a new breed of human beings that have suddenly appeared, Public Security Division 9, led by the fully artificial cyborg Motoko Kusanagi, makes its way to Tokyo, which has been reduced to ruins in a previous war. What they find there is a refugee group calling themselves “N” and a hostile part of the US special forces. As the risk of a nuclear war sparked by a hijacked submarine grows, the three-way battle between Section 9 for Public Security, America, and the Posthumans intensifies.

source: Official site
©Shirow Masamune, production IG/KODANSHA/GITS2045

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