Get to know the ‘anti-embarrassment bags’ given away by Comiket

Because of the pandemic, 2020 was the first year since its first edition Comic Market in 1975 the largest doujinshi convention was not held (self – published manga) from Japan, and for a time 2021 seemed to share that fate. This week, however, a very interesting event for otakus is coming, as Comic Market (Comiket) 99 It's held on December 30 and 31, and it's not the excitement of a one – on – one event that makes people happy.

Many of the goods sold at the convention use copyrighted characters, which are often turned a blind eye to soul companies every time fan-art sold in limited local quantities. This often prevents online sales, so the return of Comic Market (Comiket) will be the first long – term opportunity for fans to get their hands on the favorite characters of their favorite doujin artists. However, the unofficial nature of doujin's artwork often makes the merchandise most considered to be naturally naughty, and since most Comic (Comiket) marketers leave the instead of on the train, they face a strict choice: convict other passengers who do not share your taste for scantily-clad anime character illustrations, or make permanent creases in your posters by folding them up and filling them in their backpacks. Neither option is attractive, but fortunately there is also a third option.

Lashinbang, Stand 251 of the Comic Market (Comiket) 99, and the hazukashikunaibukuro. What are they? They are big blue bags hidden on the inside so you don't have to be hazukashii, or “shameThese anti – embarrassment bags are basically big enough that you can slip a poster inside without folding or rolling it, then put your hand through the shoulder strap and carry your treasure home in perfect condition, all without put no one else under your aesthetic preferences, or yourself that you have to submit to no one's disapproving stares.

The bags will be distributed free of charge until stocks are exhausted, and the voice actor (Rokka from BanG Dream, Gekko from Senran Kagura) shall be present at booth na Lashinbang. In fact, the only downside is carrying a bag on the train with the old adage “anti-embarrassment bag“Written in huge Japanese letters, people can speculate about the kinds of scandalous things you have inside, but in that case at least, if they come up with something that is very stressful, you could argue that they are the ones with the dirty mind.

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