Get ready for a UFO hunt with Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 7 Review

Mob Psycho 100 IIIhas revealed a preview for episode 7. The episode is titled “Transmission 1 -Winter Break-” and will air on Wednesday, November 16. The official website describes the plot as:

Tome Kurata, who dreams of communicating with the universe via telepathy, announces that she will disband the Telepathy Club as she prepares for graduation and winter break. Touched by Tome’s tearful thoughts, Inukawa and the others begin searching for a telepath with the help of Mob, Ritsu, and the Shiratori brothers. They discover that the telepath is Takenaka, who left the club in the past. On New Year’s Eve, the group decides to go looking for UFOs, and with a reluctant Tom, they take Reagan’s rental car into the mountains. There they find him waiting for them.

We’ve seen tearful goodbyes in previous episodes, so this episode seems a lot lighter. You can check out the preview images below:

Studio BONES animated the third season ofMob Psycho 100anime. Takahiro Hasui directed, with Hiroshi Seko in charge of series composition and Yoshimichi Kameda again for character design. Kenji Kawai composed the music. The theme songs are “1” (opening) and “Cobalt” (ending) by MOB CHOIR. A special ending theme titled “exists” was included in both episodes of the season.

source:Official site
©ONE, Shogakukan/Mob Psycho 100 Project 2022

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