Genshin Influence: A girl spent more than $ 20,000 on her parents’ card

Mr Lim Cheng Mong was concerned when the bank called him to say he had defaulted on more than US $ 20,000 of overdue credit card debt.. «At first I thought I was a scam, but the credit card company said all transactions were legitimate and there was nothing I could do“Lim, 56, who works as a product manager at a German company, said. The billing track led to an account of Grab her 18-year-old daughter, linked to her credit card and intended to cover her transportation costs. But unbeknownst to him, the teenager linked his e-wallet to a video game for a smartphone called Genshin Impact and spent weeks from August to October on in-app purchases to enhance his gaming experience.

«I scolded her and told her it was a lot of money, equivalent to a year of study if she went to a foreign universityLim told The Straits Times. «The huge sum was spent without a clamor“, He said. These kinds of stories are about parents who spend large sums to pay the bills that generate their children's expenses on the Internet more and more, as more and more young people are exposed to this kind of exposure. transaction with increasing digitization. Companies dedicated to digital payments for parents recommend placing ads in their electronic wallets to monitor their children's expenses and to alert them.

The success of Chinese fantasy role-playing video game Genshin influence, which has made more than US $ 2 billion since its launch in September 2020, is clouded by criticism of its in-game purchasing systems. The award – winning open world video game is free to play, but progress is slow unless players purchase upgrades for real money. Players can try their luck and buy random items to upgrade their character.

Mr. Lim's daughter, a student at an international bachelor's school, spent up to $ 300 to purchase these random items. With each purchase, he hoped to find items that would add to his experience, his father’s mechanic compared to the game. For this reason, Genshin Impact has been banned in countries like Belgium, which considers the “all” mechanics of the game to be a form of gaming.Gacha”It is a Japanese word that refers to a vending machine that randomly distributes toys, usually in plastic capsules. This mechanic is used in other video games such as FIFA Y. Star Wars battlefield.

In Mr Lim's case, his daughter made the payments through the Shop app ó Manzana and of Part Payments, a major online transaction platform. Lawyer Tan LionelSpecialists in technology, media and telecommunications have said that there is the possibility of canceling a transaction if a minor plays a game intended for adults, or if the app contains confusing statements that encourage a paying user.

Mr Lim's daughter has just turned 18 which allows her to make contracts on her own, Mr Tan said of Rajah and Tann Singapore. She said it's hard to argue that she was not ignorant that she made the purchases online. He said such incidents could escalate as more services are digitized. Some cases involving cases under the age of 18 were amicably resolved because the child may not have understood the nature of the purchase, he said.

«The online site may wish to avoid negative publicity or possible regulatory scrutiny.Said Mr. Tan, who advised parents to be vigilant about their children’s activities on the Internet and at games. Mr Lim has since recovered about $ 10,000 from his credit card issuing bank, which he says was done out of goodwill.

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