Genshin Impact raises its prices in Japan and complaints are already emerging

The developer company hoyoverse It has been announced that it will change the price of in-game items i The influence of GenshinLike the Crystal Genesis (the premium currency of the video game) used to buy skins, Primogems and other items from the store i The influence of Genshin. Players who want the next skin of “Kamisato Ayaka, The Heart of Frost” or simply want to recharge their Primogems to spend on the current banner The influence of Genshinthey can do it before the price changes hit the live servers.

A total of ten countries will be affected by these new price adjustments, so here are all the places that will be affected: Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden and Vietnam. It’s also important to note that HoYoverse noted that certain “European areas” will also receive price changes, but the developers have yet to account for which European countries will be affected.

The developer points out that “there may be a delay in displaying prices in the in-game store“, and that the players must”check the real price in the transaction“. It remains to be seen if the price of the items in the game will go down or up, but it seems to be the latter based on the fact that Apple is raising the prices of all apps on the App Store.

It turns out that a series of screenshots were shared in a popular comment forum showing the new prices of the items in the official video game store in Japan (specifically on the iPhone), which drew a variety of reactions from fans:

  • «It would be too much fun just to charge Apple above the regular price».
  • «Simply install the Android version on a PC emulator and you will be able to access the real prices».
  • «In the future, will prices on Playstation be the most stable?».
  • «They may not have wanted to be an excessive concern, operational cellular maneuver, which is why they took it upon themselves to make this protest on iOS».
  • «From now on, those who continue to play Genshin Impact on iOS will be a bunch of idiots. Enjoy».
  • «Hell, I don’t have a computer or a Playstation, so I’m cut off. HoYovers did another stupid thing, again!».
  • «Thank you Apple for giving the Japanese a reason to get rid of their iPhones. I will never buy one again, you fool!».
  • «Sorry, isn’t that better than raising prices on all platforms?».
  • «If HoYoverse gets its way, other video games will try to do the same in the future».

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