Gamera Rebirth, Nights With a Cat Announce Special Collaboration

The upcoming Gamera Rebirthanime announced a special collaboration with Night with a cat anime, pre Gamera Rebirth’s premieres September 7 on Netflix. A special trailer and preview was released:

Gamera Rebirth x Nights With a Cat Collaboration – Special Trailer

Studio ENGI animates Gamera Rebirth series while Hiroyuki Seshita directed it. The theme songs are “Natsuake” as the main theme and “FLY & DIVE” as the ending theme, both performed by WANIMA. The cast for the anime includes Hisako Kanemoto as Boko, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Joe, Aki Toyosaki as Junichi, Subaru Kimura as Brody, Mamoru Miyano as James Tazaki, and Saori Hayami as Emiko Melchiori. The rest of the lineup is as follows:

  • Assistant Directorr: Keisuke Ide
  • Head Writers: Kenta Ihara, Hiroshi Seko and Hiroyuki Seshita
  • Screenwriters: Kenta Ihara, Hiroshi Seko, Tetsuya Yamada and Hiroyuki Seshita
  • Character designer: Atsushi Tamura
  • Kaiju designer: Kan Takahama
  • Product designer: Naoya Tanaka and Ferdinando Patulli
  • Mechanical designer: Takehiko Hoashi
  • Animation director: Kuji
  • Sound director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Music composer: Shuji Katayama
  • Modeling Director and Lighting Director: Mitsunori Kataama

The summary forGamera RebirthThe anime is described as follows:
In the summer of 1989, sixth graders Boko, Joe, and Junichi are on their last summer vacation as elementary school students. Brody, the son of an American military commander, suddenly appears before them and steals the money they have saved. Enraged, they begin making plans to get their money back, but as they are about to execute the plan, the kaiju Gyaos suddenly attack Tokyo. Petrified in front of Gyaos, a huge kaiju appears out of nowhere. His name is Gamera. And so begins their Summer of Kaiju. Kaiju appear one after another, but Gamera heroically fights on despite his wounds. The boys witness the legend.

Meanwhile, the Nights With a Cat anime is in its second season, with 50 episodes currently out. The first season aired from August to September 2022 for 16 episodes, then continued as a YouTube original net anime series from October 2022 to January 2023. It is based on a manga essay written and illustrated by Kyuryu Z and published by KADOKAWA. The series released the fourth compiled volume on October 27, 2022.

source: Official Twitter
©2023 KADOKAWA/ GAMERA Rebirth Production Committee
© Kyuryu Z, KADOKAWA/Nights with a cat

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