Galen Ayers and Paul Simonon announce a new project and debut album

Paul Simonon, bassist of The Clash, Gorillaz and The Good, The Bad and The Queen, has teamed up with singer-songwriter Galen Ayres for a new project.

The pair will release their first album, “Can We Do Tomorrow Another Day?”, under the name Galen & Paul, on May 19. The album is a collection of bilingual duets, in which they sing in English and Spanish, exploring different European musical cultures.

According to a press release, the album began to take shape during a period of confinement, which Simonon spent in a Mallorcan fishing village writing music and painting. When the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, Simonon started working with local musicians and playing in Palma’s cafes. He spent 18 months there and returned to London to continue working on his ideas with Ayers.

The album announcement coincides with the release of its lead single, “Lonely Town.”

Simonon said: “I remember when I was in The Clash, our manager Bernie Rhodes telling us that Andrew Loog Oldham locked Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in his kitchen. He told them, ‘I won’t let you out until you’ll have dealt with it. written a song.” That’s really what Galen and I did. We’d spend every night writing another song.”

Adds Ayers: “What I realized very early on was that a lot of times we’d finish a song but I’d get this weird feeling. I’d say to Paul, ‘I know everybody loves it, but it’s I think it needs something else.” And he would say, ‘Me too.’ And we’ll go back to our writing table until we’re both happy, and that’s why I’m so confident in our collaboration, because I know we have that. So the sky’s the limit.”

Tracklist for ‘Can We Make Tomorrow Another Day?

1.’A lonely city

2. ‘It’s another night’

3. ‘Up’

4. ‘Room At The Top’

5. Not necessary

6. ‘I’ve never had a good time…in Paris’

7. ‘The Lighthouse Waltz’

8. Emerald

9. ‘My Own Way’

10. Seantan Mara

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