Frieza returns to Dragon Ball Super, but not everyone is happy

The lads next edition of the magazine V jumpwhich will be published on August 20 in Japan, revealed spoilers for the next chapter of the Manga written by Akira Toriyama and illustrated by Toyotaro, Game Dragon Ball Super. Confirmed that this chapter was released back to frieze into the story, along with a new transformation titled “black frieza“.

As a result of this the popular and beloved villain is once again in the global trends in social networks, especially on Twitter, however, the fact that it surpasses current powers Goku Y Greens it provoked a mixed reaction among fans, as the following comments show:

  • «All that is saved in transformations except by changing the colors should be invested in drawing the dots of Cell’s design, and cells from all the Z Warriors and Frieza should have the same ability.».
  • «I’m a fan of Dragon Ball and Frieza’s transformation is already far out of the ass. I’ll pass on the one about Goku who was still in Ultra Instinct training and Vegeta more or less because his Mega Instinct isn’t that developed, and Broly hasn’t come out yet, who is stronger than the through».
  • «It’s funny you know, he still keeps that idea of ​​winning Son Goku and Vegeta, but it seems that the desire to kill them was diminishing little by little, because if he wanted them dead it would be ​It’s already done.».
  • «Frieza had 8 different transformations. Couldn’t they reuse those and re-color them? Maybe make it like a combination of Cooler and his father who stayed in the second stage».
  • «It was said in itself that his race was so broken that Frizzer was already unnecessary to train as the emperor of the universe. And if they eat the story that the weakest hero (Son Goku) trained so much that he reached the gods, it wouldn’t be a script to train Frezzer to be even stronger.».
  • «Frieza is back… Again. And with a new transformation, again. how unexpected and cool».
  • «This Frieza can say the N-Word, so he’s already the most powerful person in the entire multiverse.».
  • «So many good villains make canon and they keep recycling».
  • «Dragon Ball doesn’t even survive out of nostalgia but out of sheer curiosity to see what other bullshit they’ll come up with».
  • «Now listen to rap, eat fried chicken and shoot guns».
  • «Three chapters later the “kokun” will find the Super Saiyan Rainbow and defeat Zeno-Sama».
  • «At what point did Dragon Ball go from a search for dragon balls with funny wishes to a competition to see who is the smartest?».
  • «Two more sittings and he already beats the Bills».
  • «Dragon Ball should have ended the Cell saga. It doesn’t even stand for the distance anymore, everything that comes out is a clean re-color, recycling, repeating cycle where the villain is the strongest in turn, fighting the protagonists in one blow only until Goku achieves another color and wins.».

Dragon Ball Super Summary

Seven years have passed since the events of Dragon Ball Z, the Earth is at peace, and humans live freely without danger lurking in the Universe. This peace is temporary, however, as an evil entity emerges from the depths of the galaxy’s darkness: Beerus, the god of destruction. Disturbed by a prophecy that told him he would be struck by a “Super Saiyan God”, Beerus and his angelic assistant Whis begin exploring the universe in search of this mysterious life form. They soon arrive on Earth, where they find Goku, one of the strongest heroes on that planet.

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