Former (G)I-DLE Singer Soo-jin Makes Statements Regarding Lawsuit Against Bullying Allegations

A legal representative for former (G)I-DLE singer Soo-jin has released an official statement sharing the results of her lawsuit against harassment allegations made against her last year.

In August 2021, Soo-jin left the K-pop girl group amid allegations of bullying dating back to February of that year. Some former students accused Soo-jin of being a bully during her school days. Before her departure from (G)I-DLE, the idol and her label at the time CUBE Entertainment denied the allegations.

However, several months after the singer left the girl group, CUBE Entertainment announced that her contract with Soo-jin had been terminated, writing in a statement that “the investigation [policial] determined that the individuals who made the comments were not found guilty of spreading false information.” “We respect the results of the police investigation and apologize for causing concern to many people,” the label wrote.

In a new statement released on September 8 by Soo-jin’s legal representative, Choi Seung-hwan, via the Chosun Ilbo, it is reported that another investigation was conducted after Soo-jin – referred to in the statement by her birth name, Seo Soo-jin – will file a criminal complaint against the original person who posted the accusations.

Seo Soo-jin did not bully or disobey her classmates, so she cannot admit or apologize for those accusations,” Choi wrote, before adding that in Soo-jin’s first year of high school jin (that is when the alleged bullying took place) “Here. The Autonomous Committee for Measures Against School Violence found Soo-jin not guilty.” (which is when the alleged bullying happened), “Seo Soo-jin was found innocent by the School’s Autonomous Committee for Measures Against School Violence. “.

On the contrary, it was found that he was a victim of bullying, perpetrated by his classmates. Because of her alleged involvement in an incident of school violence, although she was a victim rather than a perpetrator, Soo-jin received a warning from the committee: “Other than this incident, she was not subject to any disciplinary action regarding school violence,” Choi wrote.

The statement from Soo-jin’s legal representatives also clarified the nature of the original police investigation that led to the termination of her contract with CUBE: “Seo Soo-jin filed criminal charges against her former classmate, seeking to end the dispute by legal proceedings, however, the police dropped the charges against them [esta última]”, said the statement. “The police made this decision after determining that the allegations made by the former party [de Soo-jin] it could be true from their perspective, and also because no fraudulent intent was found.”

“Regarding this case, there is no other evidence to confirm the facts, other than the contradictory statements of both parties,” the statement continues, “under these circumstances, Seo Soo-jin has come to the conclusion that love is not “Allegations made online can be verified through legal procedures,” adding that Soo-jin has decided not to pursue the matter legally.

“Miss Seo fully understands how emotionally hurt her former class teacher is, regardless of whether the allegations were true or not, and she sincerely apologizes to anyone who may have been hurt by her brazen words she used in high school. Choi concluded. “He also apologizes to his fans, as well as all other parties who may have been disappointed. [por sus acciones]“.

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