Former BBC radio presenter found guilty of harassing Jeremy Vine and three other broadcasters

A former local BBC radio presenter has been convicted of harassing four people, including TV and radio presenter Jeremy Vine.

Former Radio Leeds presenter Alex Belfield was found guilty last week at Nottingham Crown Court of four counts of harassment [vía BBC News].

Vine, who presents a weekday lunchtime show on BBC Radio 2 and a morning current affairs show on Channel 5, called Belfield “the Jimmy Savile of trolling” while testifying against him.

The station was referring to the late BBC presenter who was found posthumously to have abused hundreds of victims during his lifetime.

Vine claimed that Belfield had waged a war of abuse against him through social media and Belfield’s YouTube channel, “The Voice Of Reason”. Belfield has been suspended from the platform more than once.

Vine added, “I’ve had a physical stalker follow me in the past. That’s a picnic compared to this guy. He’s like a bully of hate that hits you.”

BBC Radio Northampton presenter Bernie Keith told the court he felt suicidal in what he called Belfield’s “tsunami of hate”.

Belfield’s contract with BBC Radio Leeds ended in 2011. He chose not to give evidence at his trial, previously claiming he was the victim of a “witch hunt” and “programming” by other broadcasters. make YouTube videos about them, post messages on social networks and send emails to or about them.

The former presenter was granted bail and will be sentenced on September 16.

In other news, Mock The Week has been canceled after 17 years on the BBC.

Presenter and comedian Dara O’Briain confirmed the news last week (August 2), joking that the UK is “finally out of the news”.

“The stories kept getting crazier: global pandemics, divorce from Europe, short-term news prime ministers,” he said in a statement. “I couldn’t continue.”

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