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For better and for worse, Moon Knight does not surprise, not even in his last episode.

There are spoilers for this discussion and review The Moon Knight episode 6, “Gods and Monsters”, on Disney +.

At the end, knight of the moon he was little surprised.

Sometimes “Gods and Monsters” feels more like a checklist than a TV episode. It’s a story that obediently runs through a familiar list of things a series like this must do before it crosses the finish line. This is perhaps the most formal end of a season of any Marvel streaming series, ticking through each step with hourly work accuracy, delivering exactly what viewers expect when they expect it to .

There is a huge mandatory CG peak, as Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) initiates the apocalypse. As usual at the end of these stories, a secondary character becomes a superhero who promises future adventures, and Layla (May Calamawy) an avatar by Taweret (Antonia Salib). There is a multiple CG confrontation between Ammit (Saba Mubarak) and Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham), with the usual “we are not that different” discussion.

The episode is not worth the surprise Seriously surprise. As Marc and Steven (Oscar Isaac) flee across the desert, chased by a sandstorm, Taweret is nowhere to be seen in a heroic cavalry moment to literally break the wave. The episode’s post – credits teaser confirms something that has been speculated by fans since the series was announced, and that the series confirmed as early as “The Friendly Type”, that there was at least a third personality in that body: Jake Lockley.

To be fair, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Typically when these streaming series take a sharp turn in their final episodes, often to reveal a fan-favorite villain like Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) or Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio), they usually depart from railings. Loki It went from being on this most interesting and engaging streaming series to a huge disappointment when it decoupled from its main themes and character arches so that its final episode could tease the future stages of the story.

So maybe there’s something to say for a show that delivers no more or less than it promises to the audience. The Moon Knight it is a standard piece of television, the quality of which is captured by a high floor and a low ceiling. Meets your expectations. On the other hand, it’s worth taking a breath and acknowledging that Moon Ridire overlapping with series as It’s best to call Saul, Barry, Shining girls, intensity, Atlanta Y Tokyo Vice. Even sinner it demonstrated the potential of a series of superheroes on a much smaller budget. is Enough good?

At the end of the day, this is a wasted show by Ethan Hawke, one of the most fascinating actors of his generation. Hawke’s filmmaking is full of significant performances in genre films, including intense and dedicated performances in projects of varying quality, from gataca a sinister either The Good Lord Bird. One year, Hawke completes his work in Knight Moon with his interpretations of a Viking king in The North ManRobert Eggers, and child murderer in The Black Phoneby Scott Derrickson.

Clearly Harrow is not at the heart of attention. Knight Moon. The series is more interested in the relationship between Marc and Steven, to his credit. That’s no excuse, however, for the show’s failure to give Hawke a very compelling content during the six episodes. The best thing Hawke can think of doing in “Gods and Monsters” is to turn his eyes purple as he engages the heroes in a two (or even four) fist fight.

It is appropriate that the lunar knight be so obsessed with the idea of ​​scale. That’s all Harrow supervillain ploy, after all, and it was a big plot point in Marc and Steven’s journey to the underworld in “Asylum.” The set is designed very carefully and meticulously to prevent tipping in any direction. Many of the main creative decisions of the series seem to be a figurative attempt to have the cake and eat it.

For better and for worse, Moon Knight does not surprise, not even in his last episode.

This is evident in the relationship between Marc and Steven. “Asylum” took pains to make Marc ‘s treatment of Steven appear unsympathetic or hostile. Marc was not showing that Steven was accepting the abuse he could not; he portrayed Steven as an innocent side of himself to protect him from that abuse. Likewise, Marc’s history of abuse largely obliterated the violence, and the series did not seem to care too much about the souls of those he killed.

Mar Knight Moon worked so hard to keep Marc from being unpleasant or unpleasant to the audience through the series’ weekly external model, the character choices in “Gods and Monsters” have little dramatic weight. When Taweret offers Marc a paradise space on the condition that he abandons Steven in the cold, empty desert, there is no tension. the lunar knight he has already said that Marc will do whatever it takes to protect Steven, so it must be denied.

“Gods and Monsters” treats the reunion of the characters as a great dramatic advantage, concluding their story arc. However, he would have deserved more if the series had not already spent some episodes at the expense of Marc as a character. The show clearly wants that moment of emotional catharsis between Marc and Steven, but is unwilling to alienate the audience to ensure it has the greatest impact.

This leads on to the solution to the threat from Harrow and Ammit in the series. At the end of their confrontation, Marc refuses to assassinate Harrow in Khonshu’s service. To be fair, Khonshu is probably worth acknowledging perhaps you are right here. Marc does not appear to be murdering a pickpocket or a spectator without a proper process. Harrow was at the center of a global cataclysm that would have killed billions if it had reached critical mass. His death I could be justifiable.

For better and for worse, Moon Knight does not surprise, not even in his last episode.

However, “Gods and Monsters” greatly detracts from Marc’s refusal to kill the incapacitated Harrow. It’s a moment of triumphant heroism, duly complementing Mark’s character arc as he defies Khonshu’s influence and makes a proactive decision about the man he wants to be. In fact, the fact that Harrow Probably earned by death adds weight to Marc’s choice.It’s important. It is not an easy decision. Theoretically, the viewer may not agree with Marc’s choice.

Of course the lunar knight decides to have the best of both worlds. “Gods and Monsters” is a sequel of post-credits in the abduction of Marc, Jake, Harrow’s alternate personality from hospital and repeatedly releases him into the back of a limousine. Like the attempt to capitalize on the emotional catharsis of Marc and Steven’s reconciliation without really creating any tension, this narrative option allows the audience to see Harrow’s death without blood on Marc’s hand.

It’s a narrative hoax, and deeply disturbs much of the Moon Ridire. “Gods and Monsters” basically completes a Moon Ridire close to where it started in “The Goldfish Problem”. In “The Goldfish Triuble”, Steven confronts a secret assassin working under the Egyptian gods Khonshu. In “Gods and Monsters”, Steven and Marc are opposed other Alternate self-hiding assassin who works under the orders of the Egyptian god Khonshu.

In a way, Knight Moon It looks like a six episode movie. It’s basically functional and works on command, but it runs in place and does not go anywhere interesting. Given the capacity of the character, the casting and the concept, it is disappointing.


"Apprentice of everything and master of nothing".

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