Finally, Atelier Ryza is a non-poor film

The popular brand producers CosDeluxeknown for producing adult films in 4K quality, announced the launch of a film starring the actor Mei Satsukiwho cosplays the popular character Reisalin “Ryza” Stout of the franchise that started with the video game Atelier Ryza: Ever Dark & ​​The Secret Wasp.

This news became a recent trend as the anime adaptation of this franchise is currently airing, produced by the studios LIDEN FILMS. However, the character was already popular from the past thanks to its attractive design by the artist Toridamonowho managed to create a look that balances the sense of adventure with a touch of authenticity.

The thighs of Reisalin Stout, or Ryza, have been the subject of attention and conversation in the fan community due to their visual design in the video game “Atelier Ryza.” The design of her character emphasizes her thighs in a stylish and striking waywhich made this look very attractive to some fans.

It is important to note that the popularity of certain physical characteristics in a character is a common part of popular culture and entertainment media, including video games and anime. In Ryza’s case, her fans have design elements that are visually appealing and pleasing.

In fact, CosDeluxe itself points to previous photos in this regard, and although Fans were divided on whether Mei Satsuki can really “live up to expectations”.Others have commented that Ryza’s thighs are “impossible to imitate” in real life. And you, what do you think about this?

If you want to know more about this movie, then it turns out that only a few photos were published and there is not even a scheduled release date. Once there is a trailer and more content, this article will obviously already be published on our sister page, Antojasai.

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