Feminists once again attacked Love Live! Sunshine!!

On July 28, the multimedia franchise of Love Live! Sunshine!! announced collaboration with LaLaport Numazu, a shopping complex located in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. This collaboration, which will begin on August 5, will begin within the facilities, It also includes a special performance by Aqours members, which is what we will talk about today.

Let’s do a test, looking at the image, do you think it would cause any controversy? If you don’t have your answer, you don’t know anything about the internet in recent years. Of course it attracted controversy! A real question might be today, why would the image be causing controversy? The answer is also simple: the crotches.

Numerous comments emerged from social networks in Japanthat’s right, it’s not something from the West, but within the country of Japan itself; criticized that Chika Takami’s skirt (the girl in the middle) is “exaggeratedly tight” to draw attention to her crotch. This was immediately described as “sex”. Several comments noted that Love Live! at you “a certain obsession to draw attention to the crotches“But wouldn’t the obsessives who would be the critics of those details immediately notice?

Some of these comments were collected by a popular feedback forum, which wrote:

  • «Clothes that drag the crotch…it doesn’t surprise me».
  • «Skirts that emphasize the crotch, I’m getting tired of this constant».
  • «#CrotchSuction()».
  • «The crotch emphasized shit again? They are purposeful designs to achieve an effect of depth in that part».
  • «What is the material of the clothes that pull crotches?».
  • «They should correct those wrinkles in the clothes immediately».
  • «The shadow in the crotch is so strange that it almost seems like this part is transparent. If you want to show your pubes to stimulate men, then wear tight pants instead of a skirt».
  • «I don’t understand this kind of design. Does this inspire the fans?».
  • «Are those images breathing through their pouches instead of their noses again? With that thing about sucking clothes…».
  • «Please put real physical clothes on them next time!».
  • «The suction effect of the crotch is disgusting. I don’t want to imagine how they would design those same clothes but from the back. Why wasn’t the same effect done on the pants?».

In case you didn’t know, this isn’t the first time Love Live! Sunshine!! face such controversy. Previously, people complained about a promotional video of it Chika Takami about an advertising campaign for Numazu City tangerines, for exactly the same reason as “the crotch-sucking skirts.” On that occasion the complex withdrew the promotional materials, will it happen again this time?

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