Fate / Extra celebrates the birthday of Nero Claudius, the original Padoru

According to the lore of the franchise Fate / Extra Y. Destiny / Grand Order (and also the historical reference figure), December 15th is the Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, also known as the “Red Saber“, Be a Saber class servant available to Hakuno Kishinami in the first franchise and for Ritsuka fujimaru in the latter.

Your report writes: «One of the three Servants available for the main character Fate / Extra. Saber Roja looks almost the same as Saber from Fate / Stay Night; however, this Saber is blunt, self – glorious and pompous, with a love for the theater. Nevertheless, he takes care of Hakuno seriously in his own way, and does his best to embrace beauty in everything.». Fans of the franchise shared various illustrations along with the hashtag # ネ ロ ・ ク ラ ウ デ ィ ウ ス 生 生 祭 2021.

Summary of Fate / ADDITION

A hell of technology disguised as a parade, Tsukimihara Academy is an artificial preparatory school that serves as the setting for the upcoming War of Holy Grace. Created by the computer Moon Cell, the school has projected souls on Earth with the least ability to become a “Master.” Of those 256 souls, 128 will be selected for the main competition and awarded a servant. With all the Masters selected, the Academy acts a scourge, focusing on the remaining life forms for eradication.

Waking in a pool of his own blood, Hakuno Kishinami refuses to die. Driven by unknown feelings of hatred, it promises a fight for survival. Struggling to escape a relentless pursuit, he discovers a crimson sword that sank to the ground; and on pulling her out, Hakuno summons his own servant, Saber, who immediately destroys his pursuit in a flurry of rose petals. With his newfound power, Hakuno must now begin his journey towards the heart of Moon Cell, the Angelica Cage. There, he will reveal the reason for this artificial world and the secrets of his own blood-soaked age.

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