Fans worried about the future of Black Clover

the portal of Japan mojito he has published an article that has attracted attention on fan forums. Manga widely known as “Black Clover“, in serialization since 2015, the presentation of the weekly publication has changed significantly. The author, Yuki Tabataexplained that this decision is due to challenges with the weekly production rate and has generated discussion in forums about how it will affect the development of the work.

«In the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, published on August 21, an unusual situation regarding the publisher’s flagship was reported. The translation of the popular manga “Black Clover” has left a lot to talk about, especially since it is considered a staple of the Weekly Shonen Jump.».

«“Black Clover” is a long serial work that began to be published in 2015. In the latest edition of the magazine, Chapter 368 was published and it was announced that the serialization would be moved after that chapter. So far, “Black Clover” serialization has moved to “Jump GIGA” magazine, so the next chapter would come next winter. Regarding the reasons behind this decision, author Yuki Tabata revealed that “the manga’s production schedule for weekly serialization was no longer suitable for his situation as a writer.”».

«In fact, the author of “Black Clover” has often complained about his physical condition. In 2022 the manga was suspended for two weeks due to the deterioration of the author’s health. A few weeks later work was suspended again for two weeks. Going even further into the past, in mid-2020 the author revealed that “he often lost consciousness while drawing on his desk”so that since then it could be concluded that the author was not in sufficient physical condition to sustain a weekly serialization».

«Regarding the decision to translate the manga, Tabata wrote in his column in Weekly Shonen Jump: “Goodbye to this hell! Thank you all very much!”. On the other hand, in the same issue there was another problem with another of the magazine’s current pillars. It turns out that the new chapter of Kohei Horikoshi’s manga, “Boku no Hero Academia”, was only seven pages. As of mid-2022, the manga is suffering from a series of issues related to serialization. There was a variety of suspensions, and since the beginning of this year they have increased even more.».

«Many opinions have emerged in response to this situation. “It is common to think that weekly serialization involves an almost impossible work schedule. Why don’t we leave this alone?one person said. “I think this proves that the weekly series system should go away in the short term.” wrote another. There are more and more manga that “escape” from the so-called hell that shows the weekly serialization in Jump Shonen Weekly. Popular works such as “World Trigger” and “HUNTER x HUNTER” no longer publish new weekly chapters, and the ones that still survive in this magazine are already in their final stretch. What will happen to your weekly serialization in the future?».

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