Fans want to see a romantic comedy in Chainsaw Man

This article contains spoilers for the latest chapter of Chain Man, reader discretion is advised.

On January 31, the manga written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Chain Saw Manwith its chapter number 119. This chapter was a very interesting development that led to Japanese fans compare it to “rom-com development”and it seems love is not guaranteed for someone like Denji.

The chapter continues the story of Denji, who invited Asa to his home to watch a movie. Denji explains that her roommate (Nayuta) tends to overdo things, so they shouldn’t flirt in his presence. This leads to Asa being offended, since he had no such intention, which makes Denji wonder why this “date” exists and if he is using it again. After a moment, Denji looks back at Asa, who has now turned into Yoru. She kisses him and grabs him by the head (like when she was trying to turn a weapon on him), but they are interrupted by the now teenage Nayuta, who wears Makima-like hair and clothes. Worried, Nayuta calls her a “thief” and seems to be starting a fight.

Of course, the development like knowing the beginning of a love triangle (although I know the author, there is probably more suffering for Denji) attracted the attention of fans on comment forumswho wonder if chain saw man now it will take a course towards a romantic comedy, at least for some chapters:

  • «Yoru is too stupid».
  • «Nayuta is so cute, but Yoru was always too pushy».
  • «Denji will always have bad luck with women.».
  • «I don’t understand, why is Ioru embarrassed too? I think it’s because Asa and Yoru share a brain, so they also share emotions.».
  • «You have too many dogs, do you rent or adopt them?».
  • «He told her he couldn’t open the fridge for some reason, is Makima still there?».
  • «Denji falls in love with the first girl who comes along and pays attention to him.».
  • «Oh no, it’s funny. Now it’s a romantic comedy with Chainsaw Man at the center».
  • «Well it’s very interesting, are they trying to fix Denji’s love life now? Anyway, we all know that won’t be possible.».
  • «The second part is not for everyone, not everyone will understand its true beauty. I am very grateful for such a great chapter. I love and enjoy every page of this second part».
  • «You can really feel the love coming from this scene.».

Of course, the images referring to a situation generally seen in soap operas (the couple flirting and being discovered by a third character) did not remain:

Fountain: Yaraon!


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