Fans shared Maaya Uchida’s breasts

good for you She is one of the most popular voice actresses on the scene, especially for voicing a large number of “waifus” who ended up being the face of her own franchise. However, she recently attracted attention for a photo in which, they say, her nipples can be seen.

Yes, what you are about to read is completely true. Not the fact that good for you She showed her breasts (through the fabric of her dress), but because the Japanese fans really entered into an argument about this matter. This photo arose from his presentation on the program”Ultra Super Live (SUPER LIVE)“, aired on December 23 in Japan.

Uchida is wearing a green suit, but it seems he forgot to wear his own cakes (sticky covers that women put on their bras so they don’t stick out when they choose not to wear a bra) or maybe she just didn’t want to wear them. This year, something like this shouldn’t even be news, but as always, Japanese fans are always special.

Of course, there were many comments which are certainly the focus of this news, between those who expressed their excitement to see Maaya Uchida’s nipples, and those who criticized these fans as “virgins:

  • «Shoulders and tight nipples I think».
  • «Otakus making a fuss over a nipple? What’s new».
  • «It’s impossible for a nipple to stick out that much, maybe she had surgery? Or maybe it was too cold?».
  • «I don’t understand, are nappies that exciting for these people?».
  • «I only care how pretty she looks in the picture».
  • «Do not make a scandal about these things, my boy».
  • «Wow, those nipples are going to break the fabric».
  • «Unbelievable, this only accelerates the imagination».
  • «Aren’t women supposed to wear something to prevent these things from happening?».
  • «Everyone who makes a fuss over nipples is an idiot.».
  • «I don’t think it’s a nappy, based on the dresses I know, the way the cups are sewn shouldn’t allow them to show».
  • «Did she get marbles for nappies? It is impossible for them to stand out so much.».
  • «With the thickness of that fabric, the nipples should not protrude».
  • «Damn perverted otakus who pay attention to the details».
  • «The nipples don’t stick out, those cups are padded».

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