Fans of love are alive! get into trouble with another establishment

A farmhouse in the Hokkaido city of Nakafurano has complained that it is exhausted from dealing with fans of Love Live! which they mistakenly believe prompted the cases to him. Producers of the franchise explained on their official website “the facade did not inspire any elements of the anime” and asked fans not to invade the venue.

Issued by the NHK/E-TV on the night of August 21, 2022, Love Live! Superstar!! showed a family home of one of the heroines located in Hokkaido. The story is that he runs a boarding house, where school-idol groups have a training camp. Since the broadcast of this episode, information has spread on Twitter and other networks that the family house with a triangular roof could be modeled after the previously mentioned enclosure.

This is the Northern Star Lodge in the city of Nakafurano. The building has a triangular roof similar to this loggia and is next to the observatory where the heroine and her friends walk, so there were several publications that suggested a pilgrimage to this site. However, production Love Live! Superstar!! issued a press release titled “Apology and petition regarding the stage area of ​​this play“, in which moderation was called for in this type of behavior.

It is noted in this statement that after the broadcast it was noticed that some people have been visiting and asking about the Northern Star Lodge, and “The appearance of the Northern Star Lodge does not inspire any setting of this anime“. He also appealed to fans: «Please refrain from visiting the premises in person, entering private property, taking photographs, etc., as this may cause problems.».

Even when guests stayed at the hostel, they were asked to respect their wishes, as there is no need for excessive photography or the use of social media on the premises. The statement concluded by saying: “We would like to thank the Northern Star Lodge, the neighbors and everyone involved, as well as the fans of Love Live! Superstar!! We sincerely apologize for the concern and inconvenience we have caused you».

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