Fans lament that the Liar Liar waifu was ‘nerfed’

In the latest season of anime premieres, fans of popular anime light novels Liar Liar They were unpleasantly surprised when they noticed a “nerf” in the anime adaptation of the character Shirayuki Himeji. It turns out that her breast size was drastically reduced, which generated a wave of discontent among the most die-hard fans.

GEEK TOYS studios, responsible for the Liar Liar anime adaptation, were criticized for this controversial design decision.although fans do not understand why such significant changes were made to such an aspect of the character.

Social networks and forums dedicated to anime were filled with disappointed comments and discussions among fans. While some say they are unhappy with the new design and consider that the essence of the character has been lost, others support the decision of the GEEK TOYS studios, arguing that they prefer a more “realistic” and less exaggerated design.

The controversy sparked debates about the relationship between light novel adaptations and their portrayal in anime. Some fans express concern about the trend of modifying characters’ physical attributes for supposed “enhancement” or to appeal to a wider audience. They question whether these decisions are based on commercial criteria or whether they really consider the expectations of loyal fans of the original work.

On the other hand, there are those who argue that the change in Shirayuki Himeji’s design is an attempt to present a more realistic image that is in line with the storytelling. They argue that a more nuanced portrayal of the characters could allow for a better understanding of their characteristics and personalities.

Finally, let’s review the comments:

  • «Wow, they really wanted to dampen people’s interest in this series».
  • «This is terrible».
  • «I don’t understand why they don’t care in the designs of the girls in this kind of anime. Well, they already are enough as it is.».
  • «The girls are cute so I’ll continue until now».
  • «In fact, girls with big tits are not taken seriously as heroines. I think Rem from “Re:Zero” is the only exception in the story. Maybe that’s why they hid Bocchi-chan?».
  • «The original illustrations are very outdated and old fashioned erotic doujinshi drawings. In any case, the illustrator is probably an old man who worked on eroge».
  • «Was this suitable for Chinese taste?».
  • «The original illustration is poorly drawn, or the chest parts appear to be glued together. Have you never seen a naked person?».
  • «The one from the anime looks good to me, but the original rendering is poorly drawn. What about the body structure here?».
  • «The original is too thin at the bottom of the chest, it is a rare chest. they are too droopy».
  • «Are you crazy about throwing out your own selling point?».

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