Fans are upset because Miku’s voice opened a fan club

In the comment forums, news from the popular voice actor became a trend Miku Itōknown for roles as Miku Nakano in Gotoubun no Hanayome, cook in Princess Connect! and Hōgetsu Shimamura in Adachi to Shimamurato name a few.

It turns out that the popular artist announced the opening of her personal fan club, which she “always dreamed of”. In her message, Miku Itou thanked her fans for their support and announced that the club, called “All Yours”, will be open on October 12, coinciding with her birthday.

On the other hand, the artist also offered some details about what his fan club will be, noting that there will be “a lot of content only for members”, such as photo galleries, videos and live broadcasts. Since he is so popular and so good considering that he acts as an “idol”, why would there be any problems?

Well, it should be remembered that in December 2022, Miku Itou was involved in a strong controversy when the Japanese press discovered that she had a secret relationship with an actress from another industry. (different from voice acting). In fact, other reports later indicated that it was another voice actor who leaked the information, but, be that as it may, it cannot be denied that Itou faced a tough test that almost every idol goes through.

Miku Itou is an idol in Japan, apart from being a voice actress. Being an idol causes her to attract archetypal-minded fans: an idol can’t have a partner, because if she already has a man who supports her, she doesn’t need the fans’ support. Yes, it might be hard to believe, but even the agencies take it upon themselves to try to please this kind of fan, so it’s not entirely their fault.

It is precisely because of this that the opening of a fan club caught the attention of the audience, because they know that Miku Itou has a romantic partner and “practically does not need her fans.” This was illustrated by comments such as:

  • «Oh no this is not good».
  • «Well, only his true fans will get in, so it’s a good thing, I guess. Whether this will be successful or not is another matter.».
  • «She can do whatever she wants as she is a well-respected voice actress in the industry, but let’s see how her fans take it.».
  • «I think she wants to make as much money as possible before she gets married.».
  • «I wonder if there are people who still trust this woman».
  • «I know this has been around for a while, but the pigs aren’t happy that Miku Itou already has a partner.».
  • «If you join this, it will be as if you are accepting that they are unfaithful to you. Will you really lower yourself to that kind of miserable person?».
  • «I don’t understand voice actors fans, why do you hate that they have relationships with men?».
  • «I don’t understand how you can fall in love with a woman you will never notice in her life».
  • «This is exactly the kind of business that takes advantage of the most pathetic men. Fan club? Rather, the club of simpletons!».
  • «Looks like he wants to take advantage of the few patient fans he has left, before he retires».

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