Fans are developing a remake of ‘Elden Ring’ for Game Boy

Elden ringFromSoftware is an open world title, being redesigned as a Game Boy game, and should even work on official hardware.

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As Reddit user and Twitch streamer Shintendo explains, the demake is being built on GB Studio 3.0, software that allows people to create custom games for the Nintendo Game Boy.

Shintendo is also streaming a version Elden ring for Game Boy on their Twitch channel (at the time of publication they are currently streaming development).

“I have not decided on the scope yet, but at least I hope to finish the Limgrave area by the end of May,” Shintendo said. Curious updates will also be posted on their YouTube channel.

The demake seems to take a lot from early Game Boy RPGs, for example The Legend of Zelda Y Pokémonand even includes an iconic Dodge spin fromSoftware.

Not surprisingly, the combat and navigation systems are very critical compared to this year’s version of the real thing. Elden ringbut the trailer movie shows the grafted Scion boss fight and the familiar screen “You’re Dead”.

According to IGNThe game will even include Melina, who simply says, “No maidens?”

This project follows the PS1 demake of the other FromSoftware game Bloomborne, which is now developing a kart racing version. Developer Lilith Walther said, “I had no choice. You have to understand that I have to do it for the memes,” and she will “do her best” to include multiplayer in the game.

In other news, Kick Bastards It’s a first-person parkour game coming out next year that involves kicking and running a wall. Like looking at Mirror Edge, the game sees the devil attacking Earth.


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