Fans are developing a Pokémon shooting video game

Pokémon has become a household name, and one of the most notable features of the game is the way the main character uses a ball to hunt Pokémon and summon them to battle, but you probably never thought you would be able to who hunted one day. something else: shotgun. One of the game developers on the Reddit forum, Dragon_ GameDev, after joining the forum to share his first video game, Pokémon FPS, aimed at a first – person shooter Pokémon, as the name implies.

That’s right, using a weapon to take down a Pokémon is more than taking it down, it’s too powerful (physically). In real action, many well-known Pokémon, for example Pikachu, Níoqueen, tree Y hitmonchan, die with guns, and even have a boss battle with Zapdos and a Good two. With the popularity of tools like Unity Y Untrue These days, it’s not so hard to make a simple game with simple features, but perhaps the hardest part is how to get public attention, but Dragon_ GameDev just done. Of course, it’s probably even harder to escape the warnings of Nintendo’s lawyers, the strongest legal mindsets in the East …

While the Pokemon FPS is unlikely to be released to gamers, a similar concept may be possible in other video games, for example craft, the Japanese team that previously released a survival video game in Steam, whose next title is a survival video game featuring various magical beasts. PALWORLD.

Pokémon (Animated Franchise) Overview

Pokémon are strange creatures with a wide range of different abilities and appearances; Many people, known as pokémon trainers, capture and train them, often in order to fight with others. Young Satoshi not only dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Trainer, but also a “Pokémon Master,” and as his 10th birthday approaches, he finally has a chance to make that dream come true. Unfortunately for him, all three available to beginning trainers have already been claimed and all that remains is Pikachu, an Electric-type rogue creature. However, this chance meeting will kick off a lifelong friendship and an epic adventure.

Fountain: 4 players

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