Family anime Spy x and Anya voice actress Atsumi Tanezaki win Yahoo! Japan Search Awards 2022

Yahoo! Japan Announces Top 10 Most Searched Words for Yahoo! Japan Search Awards 2022 on Monday and the anime Spy x Family and Anya Forger’s voice actress Atsumi Tanezaki won in the anime category and the voice actor category respectively. Rewards are Most Wanted Leaderboards, Shows, etc. All of them saw a jump in the number of searches compared to the previous year.

Spy x Family is a currently airing show animated by WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks based on Tatsuya Endo’s Shonen Jump+ manga of the same name. The anime started in April and ended its first run on June 25 in Japan with its 12th episode. The second course began airing on October 1st, and the manga surpassed 26.5 million copies in circulation with the release of the 10th volume on October 4th. The ranking states that the number of searches increases around the air dates. The top 10 shows in the category are listed as:

  1. Spy x Family
  2. My dressing, baby
  3. A man with a chainsaw
  4. Lycoris Recoil
  5. Gundam Mobile Suit: The Mercury Witch
  6. Urusei Yatsura
  7. Yummy Party Precure
  8. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc
  9. Aoashi
  10. Ya Boy Kongming!

Atsumi Tanezaki voices a little girl named Anya Forger in Spy x Family anime adaptation. Apart from the role, she has voiced main characters like Vivi in Vivi and Chise Hattori in The Ancient Mage’s Bride. She will play the role of Lily in the upcoming NieR: Automata Ver1.1a anime that is scheduled to start in January 2023. The top 10 voice actors in the Voice Actor category are:

  1. Atsumi Tanezaki (Anna Forger – Spy x Family)
  2. Ryota Osaka (Guitaro – Demon Slayer)
  3. Mamoru Miyano (Home – Demon Slayer)
  4. Kazuhiko Inoue (Mysterious Swordsman – Demon Slayer)
  5. Saori Hayami (Your Forger – Spy x Family)
  6. Kaori Nazuka (Uta – One Piece Film Red)
  7. Takuya Eguchi (Loid Forger – Spy x Family)
  8. Chika Anzai (Chisato Nishikigi – Lycoris Recoil)
  9. Hina Suguta (Marin Kitagawa – My dressing, baby)
  10. Mayumi Tanaka (Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece Film Red)

Source: Official Website (Yahoo! Japan Search Awards 2022 – Anime, Voice actress)
© Tatsuya Endo, Shueisha / Spy x Family Project

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