Exclusive distribution risks an anime series

In Japan there are many channels and TV services through which you can follow the anime series that are currently on air, unlike what happens in Latin America where there are so few that many decide to resort to piracy. But the more channels and services there are, the more competition there will be and the more a hated tactic will be used: exclusivity. This can be complete (the series never leaves the exclusive service) or temporary (the series reaches other services after a while), but one thing is certain: it completely destroys the hype for a series, maybe even a cut back on the chance that he will get it. sequence. This topic was explored in a recent article by Yahoo! Japan news.

«Exclusive distribution, where one company has a monopoly on online distribution. If there was a series you wanted to watch, you might be frustrated that you have to pay for a service just to watch a series. However, after some time has passed since their release, they may become available on other distribution sites. This article introduces three anime titles that were not exclusively distributed at the time of release, but are now available on multiple sites.».

«It’s also a topic of interest on social media, with people saying it would be mainstream anime if it wasn’t exclusively distributed, and that the number of comments isn’t proportional to how good something is. “Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu (If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die)” is an adaptation of Auri Hirao’s manga that aired exclusively on the FOD service, but is available now also on Anime Store and U-NEXT in Japan»

«Second, “Arte” is another anime based on a Manga by Kei Ookubo that also aired exclusively on FOD.but it is now available through the Anime Store and Amazon Prime Video services. Finally, “Akudama Drive” was an original anime by Studio Pierrot that aired exclusively on FOD when it premiered.and there are even two versions of the final episode (with the second one adding extra scenes), but it’s now available on the Anime Store and Amazon Prime Video in Japan».

«The effect of a series distributed exclusively by one platform ends up limiting its audience and many people are not willing to pay for a service for three months. (if there are twelve episodes in the series) To watch one series. However, they are ultimately production decisions, and they should know the consequences of an exclusivity agreement.».

Naturally, this article attracted a number of comments from Japanese fans, highlighting that:

  • «It is precisely for this reason that I have not seen JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean».
  • «That’s why Netflix crashes most of the time. Some production decisions are too dumb».
  • «As long as the producers make a lot of money through an exclusivity deal, they don’t care if the hype for a series doesn’t last or isn’t there, and therefore no more seasons are produced.».
  • «The new Spriggan anime on Netflix, which lasted a few days, was highly anticipated. Now that series has also been put into oblivion».
  • «Live-action series are also broadcast exclusively, but are very successful. Maybe it’s evidence that the anime market is still small in comparison?».
  • «I would understand if they were exclusive to Netflix, but FOD is very small».
  • «Animes won’t get sequels if no one is waiting for them».
  • «I wish these agreements were exclusive for a limited time, like with video games».
  • «I don’t want to give Disney a single yen to watch Star Wars anime shorts».
  • «From the production committee’s point of view, exclusive distribution is a beneficial agreement. They don’t care if the anime is successful if they have already guaranteed a net profit. What would you choose? 10 million yen instantly or risk the anime floundering and getting nothing?».
  • «Well, many people will not follow the series distributed in exclusive services. So, no one talks about the series and it fades away. And of course there are no sequels».

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