Escape from Tarkov ‘Announces Landmines and Lighthouse Map Extension

The developer of Escape From Tarkov Battlestate Games has started announcing an expansion to the shooter map called Lighthouse, as well as the addition of land mines.

As discovered by Tarkov News, yesterday (April 19) Battlestate Games sent a letter to the official Escape From Tarkov Discord server, its Twitter user bakeezy translated:

“Chepushila, you do not believe what I got myself into! The attackers almost killed me. They tied me up in the factory, but I escaped. I will tell you more in person. I am in hiding at the moment. The House I don’t give a shit … but I feel it on my ass, they’re following me “.

“PS That merchant is not here either. The one who sells the best electronics to the rich. I hope it does not cause any shortage or problems with electronics now,” the note concludes.

The note suggests that Lighthouse, a character previously mentioned by Escape From Tarkov director Nikita Buyanov, was a personal merchant. The area after which the map is named, the Lighthouse, is not currently accessible, but Battlestate Games has already announced that the map will be expanded in the future.

The letter shared on Discord seems to suggest that this expansion is imminent, and the image above by Buyanov – art showing a room not currently in the game – may even suggest a release date for the game . The room number (428) could suggest an April 28 release date for the expansion, as earlier this year Battlestate Games revealed the game’s last wipe date in the same way.

As for what he could do for the game, Buyanov public Yesterday image of what appears to be a close up land mine. While landmines already exist as environmental hazards in Lighthouse and other Escape From Tarkov maps, some players believe that the mysterious image suggests that players will be able to lay down their own landmines in a future update .

While nothing has been confirmed yet, April was a busy month for Tarkov: last week, an update added DLSS functionality and some new weapons to the game. To learn more about the Lighthouse, see our guide to the Lighthouse map. You will find information on quotes, loot locations, and much more.

In other gaming news, Rockstar has removed transphobic content from GTA 5 and GTA Online.


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