Erotic view of Bocchi the Rock! attract criticism online

As we have already said in previous articles, anime adaptation of it Bocchi the Rock! there were many highlights during the season Autumn-2022 (October-December)However, that has also caused some controversy on social networks that have little or no connection to the franchise.

That’s what happened to the erotic artist”Hanasaka Houcha (@adamant369)“, who has already written H-genre doujinshi, such as “If you don’t mind, why don’t you watch this 3p? (413256)“. Houcha-sensei recently decided to dedicate his talents to erotic illustrations Hitler Gotōprotagonist of the popular franchise, but made a mistake: broke one of the unwritten codes of artists. His latest performance “la Bocchi” shows its distinctive sportswear (although he doesn’t exercise), but modified enough. Completely attached to her body and emphasizing her curves in a very erotic way.

The problem arose because the artist shared this image on his official Twitter account, but using the franchise’s official hashtag Bocchi the Rock! (#ぼっち・ざ・ろっく). It turns out that there is an agreement among Japanese erotic artists not to use the official hashtag when posting an erotic depiction of a characterto prevent fans browsing the hashtag from running into any awkward surprises.

Yes, that was all the controversy that has been generated lately. Quite strange, right? But it seems that even the Japanese have codes of conduct on social networks that are frowned upon when broken.

  • «I learned that this illustration was attacked because it was posted with the official hashtag, and erotica should not be tagged as such. How strange».
  • «It would be best not to put an official hashtag on these sensitive illustrations».
  • «I don’t understand people who are criticizing this».
  • «I like it, even with the official hashtag mistake, glad I found it. Rather, the people who complain are the ones who should ignore it and now, there are more who like erotic illustrations».
  • «I do not understand people who attack such wonderful illustrations, calling them erotic and unhealthy. I don’t care if it’s erotic or not, but if you want to go so far as to reject other people’s effort, please keep drawing what you want to draw and keep producing great works! I support you».
  • «I wonder why people complain when they see yaoi or yuri with official hashtags, but when they see an image like that, they say it’s ok».
  • «You are free to paint it as you wish. I don’t understand what the reviews mean. First of all, in the first volume of the original work, there is a scene of Bocchi-chan swimming naked and trying in every way to catch a cold. The way he takes a selfie and says “I can’t put this on the web.” Even in the anime they censored that».
  • «What straw gives me the jerks, my friend, the character is re-low profile. How are you going to sexualize it?».
  • «It’s great that you can add this to official tags and avoid searches (not recommended at all)».
  • «I would say you have misunderstood me. It’s hard to be the only gender that can’t have fun without erotic touch. And don’t add an official hashtag».
  • «It’s almost ridiculous to use an official hashtag for a photo that could be described as unhealthy».
  • «I don’t agree that they are going towards erotic, but those who say that you should not make your breasts bigger are fools. It is noticeable that they only watch the anime and haven’t seen the manga illustrations».

Summary of Bocchi the Rock!

The socially anxious Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou likes to make friends and play live with a band, and spends her time playing the guitar. One fateful day, Bocchi meets the extroverted drummer Nijika Ijichi, who invites her to join the band Kessoku when her guitarist, Ikuyo Kita, runs out before their first concert. Soon after, Bocchi meets his latest musical talent, the genius bassist Ryu Yamada.

Although their first performance together is not great, the girls are strengthened by their love of music, and soon Kita reunites. Finding happiness in acting, Bocchi and her classmates pour their hearts out as musicians while making the most of their high school days.

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