Erotic artist designed two new VTubers

the erotic artist Thomasz (藤まます) presented two VTubers of his own design, belonging to a new group called “Kouya and Naga Samurai (wild samurai)”. The first one is given Miyako Miyuriand its debut is scheduled for next August 5 on YouTube, and whose report writes:

  • «I am Miyako Miyuri, one of the chief samurai of the wild lands and a werewolf samurai. I have shown it to serve you, master. Can you please stay with Miyuri forever? I love you. I hope you enjoy my transmissions and support me a lot».

The second is VTuber Tenshouin Himenowhose debut is also scheduled for next August 5 on YouTube and whose report writes:

  • «Nice to meet you Hime patients! From the Wilderness Samurai lineage, samurai nurse and catgirl. We heal the sick hearts of modern society. I depend on your support!».

The fact that an erotic artist is in charge of the design of these VTubers is quite evident when he sees features such as a pair of huge breasts and a lot of skin exposure, especially in the first one. The second pays tribute to the taste of some of the thighs, since their stockings tighten the skin and leave a very sensual silhouette.

And in case you don’t know who it is Thomasz (藤まます)since you definitely read erotic doujinshis without noticing who wrote them (or sometimes without reading the title), there are many doujinshi featured on the portal nh3ntaiWhat Uchi no Maid ga Ore or Amayakashisugiru (245579), Onee-chan to Like Summer Cow Shitai! (247185); Puffy perfume (336783); Y Shinjin Maid ga Omotta yori Yuunou datta Ken (271840).

In fact, it is quite interesting that almost all of her erotic doujinshi are maid themes, so it seems she decided to pass that passion on to her daughter. Miyako Miyuri (the artist who designed VTuber is often referred to as “father” or “mother”.).

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