Engage Kiss, episode 1, image preview

Preview images for the upcoming episode 1 Engage Kiss Original anime came out. The episode will premiere on July 2. You can view the preview images below:

Directed by Tomoya Tanaka Engage Kiss in the A-1 Pictures studio. Fumiaki Maruto (How to raise a boring girlfriendSaekanoauthor) is responsible for the composition of the series, while Tsunako (Live meetingillustrator) designs the characters.

The official website describes the plot as:
Baylon City, a mega-floating city created by the discovery of new energy resources. A young man named Shu runs a small company there. He lives a hard life because of his daily expenses, which he finds difficult to control. Worried about Shu, a girl named Kisara visits him in his office and home. She attends high school in Beylon City and takes care of everything from office work to housework. Another girl, Ayano, a senior employee of Shu’s former company and his former mistress, also takes care of him.
A love comedy with a farce, involving three people with some unusual connections on an artificial island in the Pacific Ocean, is about to begin! Especially after a nun, who is part of the largest exorcist organization in the world, penetrates the city!

Source:Engage Kiss Official Twitter
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