Ed Sheeran to release new single ‘Celestial’ in collaboration with ‘Pokemon’

Ed Sheeran is to release a new song called ‘Celestial’ in collaboration with Pokémon.

The theme will hit the main streaming platforms next Thursday (September 29).

“To celebrate the new song featuring Pokemon, ‘Celestial,’ I got a new tattoo,” Sheeran said in an announcement video, which previews a short snippet of the upcoming single. Then he revealed a new Squirrel ink on his hand.

“I think it fits well, yes?” the star captioned the post – check out the clip below.

Sheeran has also shared the official cover for ‘Celestial’, an animated image of himself with a Pikachu on his shoulder.

I released On Instagram, Sheeran discussed his longtime love of the Pokemon franchise. “I started with Pokemon cards when the craze hit elementary school, when I was about 7 years old,” he wrote. “Then the TV show was on TV, so I tried to record it on the same VHS every week.”

Sheeran continued, “After this, my brother and I shared a Game Boy and Pokémon Blue. When I turned 8, I was given a Game Boy Color with Pokémon Yellow, which was an understatement. Now, at 31, the Game I still have the same one. I still play Color Boy when I’m with Pokémon Silver on long haul flights. I love it.”

The musician went on to say that the series gave him a “real childhood escape into a fantasy world”, adding, “In adult life it’s the nostalgia that makes me feel like a kid again.”

Sheeran recalled, “I met the Pokemon people when I was traveling in Japan, and we joked about the possibility of me writing a song for them. But now here we are.

“‘Celestial’ comes out next Thursday, and the video is unbelievably amazing, animated by the amazing people at Pokémon. I love it, you’re going to love it. And we all need to catch them all.”

Last November, Sheeran performed a special live set within Pokémon Go shortly after the release of his latest fourth album, ‘=’.

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran is to play a one-off concert in London next month to raise money for mental health charity Shout.

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