DPR IAN releases his new song “Ballroom Extravaganza”.

Korean-Australian singer DPR IAN has released a new track, “Ballroom Extravaganza,” from his upcoming studio album.

On July 26, the musician and video director released a teaser for his upcoming MIITO short film, which will accompany the release of his debut album ‘Moodswings In To Order’ this Friday (July 29).

The new 1-minute visual, featuring outtakes from DPR IAN, is soundtracked by his new track ‘Ballroom Extravaganza’, which he released digitally shortly after the video’s arrival. “I know I won’t stop searching / The moment the world came / You stopped, it stopped for you / Then the world came crashing down,sings on the new 3 minute track.

In addition to the album and short film, DPR IAN have also shared a glimpse of a documentary they have in the works, detailing their process behind the release. Check out the preview here.

Last week, the musician revealed the tracklist for ‘Moodswings In To Order’, which will contain a total of 12 new songs. DPR IAN fans highlighted the inclusion of the song ‘Mr. Insanity’, a theme he has already shared fragments of in his live streams. The disc will also feature songs such as ‘1 Shot’, ‘Merry Go’ and ‘Calico’ among others.

Called ‘MIITO’, the upcoming album is a follow-up to the character ‘Mito’ who appeared on DPR IAN’s March 2021 debut, ‘Moodswings In This Order’, which reframed his struggle with bipolar disorder. That album was led by the single ‘Nerves’, and songs such as ‘So Beautiful’ and ‘No Blueberries’ by CL and DPR Live.

In a four-star review of EP, Sofiana Ramli did NMEwrote, “DPR IAN is making a name for himself in the world of R&B, and the mark he is about to make on the scene will not let him go unnoticed.”

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